2 xbox slims

hi just wondering if i bought another xbox slim for my bedroom could i take the hard drive from the 1 down stairs and put it in the 1 upstairs for me 2 use my gamertag and go online on the console in my bedroom. thanks


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You could, it would work, or you could save yourself the cost of a new console, and just take the console and the wires upstairs and plug it in up there.

Yes you can.

thanks guys.

Even easier way, put the game saves that you are using on the cloud, or a usb stick along with the gamertag. Then just whip the usb out of one console, and plug it in the other.

Yeah any disc installed games are tied to the console sadly, so if you take the hd out and put in another console the games won't recognise as being installed. Xbla stuff will work fine though.