2 XB1 controllers broken within 1 1/2 years

I am getting pretty upset about these controllers.  I received the xb1 day one edition for christmas of 2013 and the controller worked fine for only 6 months.  the left joystick began to drift and made it impossible to play FPS.  So i bought another controller and this one lasted a whole year and a half (july 2014-october 2015).  the controller will absolutely not connect to my xbox.  My other controller connects fine, and I also used my friends controller and that worked fine as well.  It also wont charge anymore and can only run on batteries.  I have 3 xbox 360 controllers that lasted 5 years and are still going strong today, but these piece of *** controllers give me constant problems.  I am getting sick of having to buy new controllers once a year because they dont last and then microsoft has a warranty of about 10 minutes on these things.  These controllers aren't even used a lot either.  Maybe 5-6 hours per week.  


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