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mk and ssf4 are they still active online and are they easy to find matches in please help


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I'd imagine SSFIV would still be active.

SSF4 definetly is haven't got MK so don't know about that one sorry

SSF4 is very active and will be for quite a while to come IMO.

Confirmed, SSF4 still has plenty of action, and there is the Arcade Edition update you can either get off the console, or Amazon for 12 quid. Would suggest reading a specialist fighting game forum and looking on YouTube for tactics and strategy, as there's lots to learn in SF these days!

A quick scan of available matches in Ranked mode, gives me about 8 different solid green bar connections at anyone time, in the evening, if that helps. Make sure your ports are forwarded, and ideally, have the ethernet cable plugged directly in from router to Xbox.