2 Days in a row no xbox one!!!!!!......am done its going to gamestop right now

came home from work yesterday no xbox they were working on it......today i come home and for  an hour am been staring at a green load bar!!!!!! ive had it with this POS its going to gamestop for a real gaming console that works!!!! i never should have bought this!!!!!! its nothing but a 500 headache!!!! turn off turn on green load bar unplug plug in its still there!!!!!! for over an hour!!!!! 

just got off the phone w/gamestop am trading this garbage in right now!!!!


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GLHF with your PS4 or WiiU

what just happened here!!!!!!!!!

Are you talking about the update patch green load bar?  And if it's stuck, it has probably encountered a problem with updating the firmware.

As with all devices, if the flash/firmware update get's interrupted by whatever, it can easilly get stuck or worse. There are many reason why this can happen, but usually it doesn't unless a user happens to interact with it (not saying u did btw).

Try unplugging the power supply if it has been stuck for a long time , as it seems with you, and let it be unplugged for 20 seconds. Then plug it back in and start it up again.

If it hasn't encountered a problem that it can't recover from, then it should restart the flash/update.

Otherwise, you might wanna call Support, and see if they have any tips for you.

It sux when things like this happens, but trust me both the Xbox and PS4 has and will have trouble.

A friend of mine bought the PS4, and one day later it broke down. It was back and forth to repair two times before he got one that was working perfectly. He still loves his PS4, but it just goes to show that all products are not free of faults.

Whatever you chose to do, i hope you don't encounter any more trouble as i understand how much it sux.

From his attitude, he more than likely saw a little green bar oozing across the screen and then decided to power cycle it. The life and times of an idiot.


Out of curiousity, when you came home from work and people were working on your Xbox One... who were these mysterious people in your house?

I think there more to this story then this guy is telling us.

Cool story bro

I'm going to GameStop too, but for a different reason.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I wish my PS4 worked 100% of the time like people think it does.

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