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Hi all. Got two xbox one for Christmas and was just wondering how long it takes to download the mandatory update and get the xbox one up and running. Also I heard that no matter what don't turn the xbox off as you may think it's doing nothing but it us updating. Also how long does it take to install the games? Just don't want to make any mistakes when 1st setting the machines up as I don't want to explain to the kids why I have knackered there Xbox's, let alone the ear ache from the wife Thanks

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How long depends on the network traffic and your broadband connection. But yes, leave it updating untill it has finished. It does take a good while.

depends largely on your connection. I was up and running installing my first game in less than 20 minutes. Each game is different because of the sizes but the longest ones were about an hour long but playable after about thirty minutess. On the other hand, I have had some ready in as little as 5 minutes. So it widely varies. Nothing too special about setup. My only advice is if you are using kinect, REALLY blast the TV speakers during setup, it makes the kinect much more accurate with voice commands. But other than that, easy peazy.