14gig of updates

I've had my 360 since launch. I have the original 20gig harddrive, and it's really getting on my nerves that about 14gigs of my 20gig HDD is updates. Every time I want to play a different XBLA game, I have to delete one and redownload the one I want to play.

Does anyone know if there's a way to decrease the size of these updates? I thought about backing up my files and formatting, to see if it just downloads the most recent update. But I'd rather not have to go through all the work of backing everything up, waiting for all of the updates, and then having to load everything back on there, just for it to not do anything.
I'd also rather not have to buy a new $100 HDD, when I have enough room already.


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What updates are you talking about?


Title Updates are not that large. They're also not stored on user-accessable storage on the system. The system automatically deletes old TUs to make room for TUs for new titles played on the console.


Console firmware updates are small (16MB). The downloaded updates from MS are around 100MB because they include files for all versions of console, but the actual update goes into an inaccessable flash memory area and isn't counted against user-accessable storage.

Well, there's 14gigs not accounted for, so I assumed it was the cumulative firmware updates. Unless there's some other explaination that there's 14gigs of space inexplicably being used, which has increased in size over the course of many years with every console update. Especially the ones where the dash changed.

Out of the box, a 20GB console has a max of 13.9GB listed under Capacity.


Oh... that's the problem. You played FFXI. That shoves around 6-7GB of stuff onto your HDD. In the past, the only way to remove it was via the PlayOnline client on the console. I believe someone mentioned that it now shows up in System Items.

If it was something that showed up under system items, there wouldn't be a problem.

I remember I deleted all of the FFXI data when I stopped playing.

Go to Settings, System, Storage, and highlight your HDD. Hit Y and note the Capacity and Free Space listed on the right side of the screen. Hit B to go back, then Select the HDD and tally up all the totals you see for each category.


The drive Capacity minus the tally should equal the Free Space value. If there's a 6 or 7GB discrepancy, that's FFXI.