14 Y/o sending me hate mail, and when I block him he comes in my games and TK's me.

Is it just me or kids on bf4/CoD are finding new ways to [Moderator removed].... this guy is going to all the trouble to come in to my games and team killing,I wish the dislike option thing was useful 

Anyway if a Mod wants to look into it,  just check my messages on my account, its the ones with all the [Moderator removed: Please do not use profane language on the forums] in it  :(


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just sink to their level.  It's the best way.  

You can also appear offline so they are unable to join your games.

You could block him and report him or appear offline for a moment

Block the player like you said you did

File a complaint

Appear offline for a little bit by changing your online status 

He'll probably give up after a little bit once it looks like you're not there.