12 Month card not working

I got a 12 Month Gold prepaid card and I can't redeem it. When I enter it in on my XBox One and xbox.com, the "This is a 12 month card, would you like to redeem" message pops up, but when I click redeem, I get a messsage comes up asking me to try later. Is the redeeming down? Or is it because I'm using the free month that came with the system?

It shouldn't be a billing problem.  Never had a card on file, and I don't have any payments.


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So let me recap, you enter the code on both your Xbox & Xbox.com, and both are telling you to try again later?

Does any other sort of error message pop up, or do you get an Error Code at all? Is it still happening now?

Wait a few hours and try again. If it continues to do that, delete your system cache on your xbox one. If it has that, I don't know.

You can also try deleting your browser history/cache and such, that helps me sometimes if I'm having a problem doing something on a site.

If it continues, you might have to contact Xbox support. Might I suggest using their twitter page here: twitter.com/XboxSupport