100% dissatified

I'm not sure what to do to rectify this, but I was told by Microsoft when I asked about quality control to post here.  I received my first Xbox One on release date.  It lasted for 6 days and then stopped going through my TV.  I called and was told this was a known issue and I was sent a new console.  I was told I would receive a tracking number which I never received.  I was told later it was emailed to the wrong person.  When I received the new one it did not turn on for more than a few seconds.  When it finally did 10 minutes later it worked for 1 day, then again had the same issue, not only stopped connecting to my TV, but then stopped turning on.  It was determined it may be the power cord.  I was told I would have to pay for shipping to send in the old power supply.  I didn't think it was right I paid more money for a product that was not working as intended and still under warrantee.  I was told the fee could not be waived after speaking to a manager.  I called back the next day and was told the fee could be waived and that it should be no cost to me and was credited some downloadable content.  I never received the shipping labels I was told I would receive in 3-5 days so I called back.  I was told once again that I had to pay for shipping and the replacement was never shipped because I did not ship back the original product.  I was told I again had to pay and when I expressed concern that I have been told different stories each time and that it was not right I was sold a defective product and have to pay even more to get a working one I was told by the supervisor "with all due respect, Microsoft didn't sell you the product, Amazon did, take it up with them."  I was disgusted with the blatant disdain for customer service and quality control.  I did call Amazon as an FYI who will not refund or exchange the product because I do not have the original, Microsoft does I have the non working replacement.      


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Xbox needs to right the ship real soon.  Just had Forza freeze up, I am about to give up.  Nothing works, everything is in beta or some adapter is required that is not avail yet.

I sure hope Xbox reacts fast.  

[quote user="KaliMaat"]I'm not sure what to do to rectify this,[/quote]Post in the Xbox One Console support forum and try PMing one of the official support representatives.[quote]I did call Amazon as an FYI who will not refund or exchange the product because I do not have the original, Microsoft does I have the non working replacement.[/quote]If this incident has taught you anything, it's that if a device goes defective you should return it to your retailer if you're within the defective return window. In the USA that's usually 30 days. Warranty support from the manufacturer should not be used until you're outside the return window.

It's kinda sad. Amazon would have taken the console back and paid you to ship it to them.

@KaliMaat thats so messed up bro , i got mad just reading it ! smdh

Ice Storm III ty! I wish Microsoft would have told me that when I called them the first time.

Wow... just wow.

I'd try to see if MS can't ship you your original console back so you can just return it for a refund (and tell MS this is exactly what you are doing and that they have lost your business). Granted that may be a long shot as who knows what they did with your original console. Maybe see if they cannot contact Amazon and explain the situation (Amazon is concerned that you are scamming them by taking a perfectly good xbox one and replacing it with a bad one you already had that you didn't buy from them).

Not that I think any of that will work cause you have one company that obviously could care less about helping you, and another that really is understandable their POV why they can't help you (they really have no proof and it's a common scam.. you can blame thieves for that one).

You could try to push Amazon to see if they will make an exception (be reasonable and don't lose your temper. I know working retail I tend to suspect shenanigans more if the person starts yelling and also makes me want to help them less. Just try to get them sympathetic to your situation).

I honestly don't know of anything that will sure fire work or likely to work. You're pretty much relying on MS to do the right thing and honestly, from what I've read/heard, MS isn't known for that (hell, with the RROD they took a long time before admitting the issue and many people had to just buy another 360 before MS started actually extending warranties on them).

That is pretty shameful that you have had to spend a dime.  Wasting your time with two consoles, phone calls and emails when you dropped over 5 hunnie only to be essentially told to get bent and call Amazon makes me glad I have not purchased the Xbox One yet.  Good luck with your crusade, for what it's worth...

of course they told you to post it here where the masses wont see it, be smart, post it all over tweeter, facebook, youtube and then write the Better Business Bureau and start a claim.  Dont just post on here, get it out to the masses.

Since they're refusing to help you, go to bbb.com and file a complaint. That usually seems to get their attention.

Thank you for the support guys.  U G0 6 and Lestat I actually already started the complaint with the BBB, unfortunately they do not regulate or enforce.  they have given Microsoft until 12/24 to respond, but if they don't all they can do is report it as a failure to reply in their reports.  Shadow, I was very nice to Amazon and I completely understand their POV.  I wish the first person at Microsoft I spoke to would have said, call Amazon and refund it their instead of sure we will send you a new one and then use that later as a way to not refund me, or even pay for shipping.  I have also written on their FB page and on my own and tagged them in every post, I have written reviews at Amazon, Emailed the consumerist, and emailed as many CEO's as I could find emails for.  This really will affect my future business with Microsoft.  

Also I forgot to add, when I asked to speak to who was over the supervisor he told me, "No one."  Plus the numerous times I was told the claim was elevated only be to told by the next person it was never done.  Also the amount of times I was told someone would call me back or email me since this started.  And no one has, ever.  I can honestly say that.

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