10 Frame Bowling is actually pretty good!

Picked this title up around lunchtime as something for my little boy to play, I had some points left over and it only cost 240msp so wasn't expecting much.


He went to bed about half seven and I was still playing it afterwards! Suprised by how responsive and just, well, good it is. Just a no frills bowling game. Though there is also a mini challenge/rank up system for carrying out specific shot styles etc.




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Nice one mate, will definately check this out.

I still play Brunswick Bowling with my daughter from time to time. Even though it got some terrible reviews and it's 'Kinect Only' but it is a good laugh from time to time.

does it work better than kinect sports?

Haven't played Kinect Sports I'm afraid so don't really know how it compares. Mainly bought the kinect for the boy so all we have are kids games really and whatever free ones were thrown out i.e Kinect Party, Wreckateer etc. As far as keeping him active on rainy days goes I think its a decent piece of kit to have. I might check out more of these bite size games based on this one though.


It's still a massive shame that one of the best game developers out there has been reduced to releasing a schedule of titles like this by their publisher.

I purchased it for my daughter and it is very good, extremely addictive, one of them 'Must have one more game' ;) might actually have to buy it for my own account now!

Many thanks again Steve for the heads up.