1 vs. 100,not brought back! WHY?????????

Hey,microsoft. Please bring back 1 vs. 100,please...

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Don't make 2 threads about it >.>. You got one in the UK categorys as well...

1 vs. 100 is not back because it's a game, and the 360 is not about gaming... Duh.

Apparently it was removed due to a lack of funding, which is ridiculous... But it wasn't that good anyway.

It was removed due to cheating too. Too many people were getting unfair advantages. Also, funding played a role too.

The reason why 1 VS 100 was removed,was because,it was meant to test new servers,that will be used to make MMO's.

If you noticed that during the breaks,you saw that counter uptop of the screen one side was green the other was red.They were seeing how many people they could put on those servers without major lag. Microsoft wants

MMO's to be perfect before they will release one on our console,i will tell you want is coming in terms of MMO's. Code named Class 4,Lion Head MMO unnamed,and MAYBE Reign of Thunder from Day 1 Studios. Reign of Thunder

is a mech game,which so far is PC only,however the Mechassault franchise made alot of money for Day 1 Studios,and info since the news say different now,so it's a possibility that we could get it.If you are a mech fan CROSS YOUR FINGERS!