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You should really update the security if you put barriers on your account it you go to everyone's Xbox that has your account.

Cause it getting really annoying when i try to play my Xbox but my friend keep putting my account his home Xbox and its gotten to the point where i used all home Xbox and right now he has my account his home Xbox and i cant play any DLC's or play any of my games plz update you security system i think a lot of people would love this and been in the same situation that i am in.

Unfortunately, this is a community support forms. You wont be able to get the feedback to the Xbox/Microsoft accounts.

They use to have a conplaint feedback but i'm not sure if that still active.

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Your friend should not have access to/know your log in information for your account.

If you have played on your friends console and logged in there, choose not to save the password so they cannot log in as you.

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