Youtube Screen glitch (4K TV)

I posted some pictures below showing what mean, I wanted to contact Microsoft directly, but navigating through their catacomb support system is pretty annoying, so I came here to show you guys and see if anyone is having a similar experience?

This happens with most videos I watch except the ones in lower resolution, I am pretty sure it's just a high res issue, even lowering the res to 720p it still happens. Anything below 720p isn't worth watching because of how bad it looks.

Was also watching some Cinema Sins lol!


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I have experienced this b4. For me it was caused due to a slow connection. Slow speeds would not allow me to view high res properly... 
Try clearing the cache and then reinstall the app bro. Put your finger on the start button of the console for 10 seconds until it goes out. Then wait another 30 and turn it on again. After trying this, reinstall the app. It may work for you :D.
I Chyrola I - I hope my answer has helped you :).
My connection is good, it's wireless but it holds up well.
I'll give that a shot, I honestly haven't tried anything lol
Just gave it a shot, no luck. Thanks for the advice Ill keep it in mind if anything goes wrong with other apps :)

Hey there Mister Jackson,

Thanks for coming to the community for support on this YouTube issue.

We actually have been receiving some feedback from our customers experiencing similar problems and have recognized it as a known issue that our engineers are now working on.

Unfortunately, we have not been updated with an estimated time frame for a resolution.

Please bear with us while we work to resolve this internal issue.

You can follow the alpha preview builds list of changes they are working on at on every new build, they are trying to fix the issue with the YouTube app on Xbox one.

Thanks for reading!

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Happens to me as well. Microsoft states it has something to do with the app itself and that the engineering team is working on it.