Xbox Movie Buy/Rentals Audio Format issue , 4K UHD HDR movies need "DOLBY ATMOS" on XBOX

Hello Xbox / Microsoft . 

When Renting or Buying movies on Xbox the Audio format for ALL movies should be clearly marked for each Resolution. When looking around a movies page on Xbox I Can Not find "anything" that Clearly lists or states what Audio format ANY of the movies are in.  4K UHD HDR movies should have Dolby Atmos. Xbox Supports Dolby Atmos so why is it I can't buy or rent movies in Atmos ? if 4k Movies already have Atmos , thats Great it's just there not clearly Marked & you'd never know otherwise. I've brought this issue up multiple times , by reporting it as a Xbox insider , calling , & Forums trying to get Microsofts /XBOX Devs Attention & I absolutely refuse to Buy or Rent movies on Xbox Because of this issue. But it's not just me that feels this way there's a large consumer base that watches alot movies that looks for & cares about the Audio format of the movies there watching. I bring this issue up because I care about Xbox & it's something I'd definitely like to see fixed going into the next Generation of Consoles (Project Scarelt) 

That's a very good point, you can always provide feedback as an Xbox Insider. Have you thought about going that route? here is a link with a FAQ about the program should you be interested: Xbox Insider Program FAQ

I completely agree.

I too, refuse to buy or rent any movie on Xbox until I know that it has Atmos as the audio format. I didn't spend over a thousand pounds on my Atmos audio system not to be able to hear it!

I thought the store show that, weird. Is something that is really important and I hope they put that.
Hey, interesteing point. Unfortunately the people using this forum don't actually control the store and can't make MS add Dolby Atmos to movies released on it.
Most but not all of the 4K UHD movies available through Microsoft Movies & TV have Dolby Atmos audio.  Unfortunately, it's true that the store doesn't display this information.  I highly recommend leaving feedback for the Microsoft Store app through the Feedback app on your PC. 


Unfortunately the information isn't shown. Ive written Microsoft/ Xbox about it multiple times over a few years , Its something that matters quite a bit & to Alot of people . Just as Resolution matters. I'm sure you don't buy  Movies in 480p or 720p. When you can buy 1080p or 4k.  When you have a 4k or 8k TV..... Well with Audio, when people spend Thousands of dollars on a sound system or have a Good sound system that supports Dolby Atmos then you try your best to only buy movies with Dolby Atmos.  So  you look for & buy your movies from some where that actully lists ALL of the proper information.

I encourage you 

Go look at movies on "VUDU" there doing it correctly, you've got every Bit of information you need.  It just boils down to you should be able to know exactly what it is your buying with what Audio format is provided with that Resolution for that particular movie.

For example  

HD -

1080p ,  Dolby digital plus 5.1 

4k HDR -

4K, HDR10 , Dolby Atmos, 

It's that simple to just list what audio format a particular Resolution has for that Movie.

When you buy or Rent a movie on Xbox you have absolutely no Idea what Audio format that movie is playing in . 

Here's another Example. 

 if one place has a Movie that's in 4K HDR & it only has Dolby Digital.

But then I go over to somewhere else & that same exact Movie in 4k is in Dolby Atmos for the same price,  then where do you think I'm going to buy that movie from ? 

And it's the same thing , if one place lists all the  needed information for a movie, so you actually  know what your getting & the other place lists hardly ANY information what so ever , where are you going to buy that movie from ? 

It's not like its just something Audiophiles Worry about , but also a HUGE portion of the General Consumer base as well. 

Would have to agree completely 
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I mean in 2019 , almost 2020 & 4k now being the standard along with Dolby Atmos ,pushing towards 8k  . Places that don't provide adequate information at least in my case & I know in many other people's cases to. Just wont use that source for media consumption. And I dont want to see that with Xbox. Which is why I'm pushing harder now because I'd like to see this fixed on the Next Gen.  Project scarlet 
I totally agree with you. I too refuse to buy/rent movies unless i know for certain about the audio 

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