Xbox Game Pass: Unable to download ANY game, GamingServices is crashing or not starting

Hey guys,

after days of googling and trying to reach Microsoft Support via Chat (which just always breaks down saying "too many authentication attempts, try again later") I hope maybe someone here can help me.

I have a 3 month Game Pass and activated it on the 21st of December without issues. I downloaded the Xbox Beta App also without issues. But whenever I tried to download ANY game (Halo, Outer Worlds, Metro 2033, Gears 5) it just would not download, froze at 0% and after a couple minutes would just show an error message with a couple different codes (mostly 0x80080005). Googling these errors would lead to others getting those codes via Windows Update but apparently not in the Xbox Beta App. Ori and the blind Forest startet to download at first, but then stopped at like 30% with an error code that did not lead anywhere. Here is what I tried so far, everything several times:

- installed all updates

- reinstalled The Xbox Beta App

- tried downloading games via Microsoft Store (just leads to an error message without any code just "try again later")

- reinstalling Micorosft Store

- removing and reinstalling GamingServices via powershell (admin) console

- removing all anti-virus programs

- removing all custom windows decisions, basically allowing windows to collect ALL my Data and not restricting the OS anywhere

It did not lead my anywhere.

So looking into errors, I found that "GamingServices" apparently already chrashes when I start up my PC and continues to do so every couple minutes. When I manually try to start it, it would crash with an error message saying it is not installed. I attached two screenshots, sorry they are in german, the translation would be: "The "GamingServices" service on "Local Computer" could not be started.

Error 1060: The specified service is not an installed service."

When I try it in safe mode it just says "The service cannot be started in safe mode." (makes sense I guess).

I do not experience any other problems on my pc, and I have not changed anything since October.

So Happy New Year everyone, I hope someone here has an idea, because I feel like running out of them...Thank you in advance for the Effort!



I will try to help, but it may be that you'll either need to do a repair install of Windows or a fresh install to fix this issue once for good.

The reason why your searches for error 0x80080005 are showing a Windows error is because it is a Windows error.  The Xbox Game Pass App is just an extension of the Windows Store. For the Beta App to work, your both your Windows and Windows Store need to be in working order. Any error codes the Beta App generates are Windows errors. Which explains why you get the same error when you try to install games via the Windows Store.

Some of this may go over old ground that you've tried before, apologises if it does.

Try clearing the Windows Store cache.

1. Press the Win+R keys to open the Run dialog.

2. Type WSReset.exe, and click/tap on OK.

The WSReset tool resets the Windows Store without changing account settings or deleting installed apps.

3. A command prompt window will now open without any message. After about 30 seconds, the command prompt will automatically close, and the Microsoft Store app will open.

Run the troubleshooter: 

Select the Start button, and then select Settings  > Update & Security   > Troubleshoot, and then from the list select Windows Store apps  > Run the troubleshooter.

Try reinstalling gaming services. To do this:

Launch powershell as an administrator. To launch Powershell, right click on the Windows Start menu and click on Windows Powershell (admin).

Type: get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices | remove-AppxPackage -allusers and press enter on the keyboard.

In the same powershell window, type: start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN

Install the app on that page, including accepting the UAC prompt when shown.

Run SFC and DISM scans

If damage to certain update files is already done, System File Checker comes into play. SFC is a built-in tool that scans and fixes corrupted or incomplete files. Furthermore, it can give you a wider picture of what caused the problem in first place.

You can use SFC in a few easy steps:

Right-click Start and open the Command Prompt (Admin)

In the command line type following line: sfc/scannowPress Enter to confirm.

If SFC scan didn’t fix your problem, or if you can’t run SFC scan at all, you might want to try using DISM instead. To use DISM, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Right-click Start and run Command Prompt (Admin).

In the command line, type the following:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Upgrade with the Media Creation Tool

Besides a clean reinstallation of the OS, the Media Creation Tool can be used for updates as well. While it may be best to do a clean install of Windows 10 to fix your Windows Store issues for good, the Media Creation tool allows you to preserve your Apps, files and settings.

Download Media Creation Tool here.

Make some space on the system partition.

Run the tool and select Upgrade this PC now.

After Windows 10 is downloaded, accept the license agreement.

Wait while the update downloads the necessary files.

Now select Download and install updates (recommended). Click Next to proceed.

Wait while the updates are downloaded. This might take a while, so you’ll have to be patient.

Follow the instructions until you reach Ready to install screen. Click Change what to keep and select Keep personal files and apps option. Now click Next.

The installation will now start. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete it.

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