I paid for and downloaded Terraria via 360. I am now using xbox one. Terraria is available for the xbox one. There it is.. im lookin at it right now... So tell me, why do i need to pay for the same game again via the same company to play the game i already own yet cant play because its locked away in the xbox store multiverse.

I asked support for a key for the download but apparently im supposed to ask that the game get on the supported compatibility list instead. THIS WAS A REAL PERSON.

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Regina: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Regina. Please give me a moment to review your question.
Regina: Hi there Nathan! How are you doing today?
nathan: im allright how r u?
Regina: Glad to hear you're doing okay.
Regina: I'm doing great as well. Thank you for asking!
Regina: I can see here that you are having issue playing the game that you purchased on your 360 for XBOX one. Am I getting it right?
nathan: yes the issue is entirely Microsoft.
nathan: it was a Digital purchase.
Regina: Alright! This is a 360 version right
Regina: ?
nathan: yes
Regina: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/backward-compatibility/available-games
nathan: there is an xbox one version of the game already
nathan: there is no need to link me to this
Regina: If you will check the link that I gave you. The game  Terraria is not yet part of the backwards compatibility. But no worries, we are already working on it. Here are the list so far that is part of the backwrds compatibility Nathan./
Regina: Not all 360 games are already backwards compatible. Since they are two different platform, we need to coordinate with the developer and our engineers to make it backwards compatible. Once the game is already part of it, you can now download the game on your One. Technically the license that you have is for XBOX 360 only.
nathan: its the same game. and its the same company.
nathan: there is literally no difference.
nathan: escalate this to someone with authority. The obvious answer is a download of terraria via xbox one.
Regina: The different is the gaming console. They are totally different platform. That is why the game will not work for the XBOX one. The license that you purchased is for 360 only. It will not work with XBOX one because it is not compatible. Just like with the accessories. You can't use XBOX one kinect to 360 and vice versa because they are not compatible.
nathan: that isnt even related
nathan: the game is on xbox one
nathan: give me the xbox one copy
nathan: im assuming your communicating with a supervisor
Regina: Let me clear things out Nathan. You can't play or download the game if you only have the 360 version of the game. Yes we already have the XBOX one version. But if you don't have the XBOX one license of the game, it will not work. Just like purchasing a disc. You can't insert and expect to install and play the 360 game disc on your XBOX one because they are not compatible. If you want this game to be part of the backwards compatibility, you may raised it at http://xbox.uservoice.com/ since we based the latest changes and updates from that website Nathan. XBOX one and 360 are two different console and platform. They are not the same. Yes we are the one who made it just like surface and other devices, but as I mention earlier, they are not the same.
Regina: If you want, once the game is already part of the backwards compatibility, we can send you an email update. Is this yoru contact email *** Email address is removed for privacy *** ?
Regina: And is this the account that you use to purchased the game?
nathan: I dont understand how you have this job still. I bought Terraria in xbox store land. Now i upgrade to a new generation! but well in this xbox store land terraria has a different mask on it.
nathan: Silly person.
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Some games have had offers to purchase the Xbox One version for free if you own the 360 version, but not all of them do. It's up to the publishers. Otherwise, if you want it for the One, you have to purchase it since it's a different console (unless they make the 360 version backwards compatible).

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