Status Code 4476-0000-D080-0200-8007-0570

Does anyone know how to get around this? It happens on my Xbox 360 when I try to load World of Tanks. Everything else works but not World of Tanks. When I hit "Load Game" it says an update is needed, then kicks me offline and tells me the update can not be completed because I am offline. I sign back in and try again only to get this stats code 4476-0000-D080-0200-8007-0570

Okay...after three phone calls to microsoft and opening a "ticket" on the WoT console website, I got a reply that sounded more like something for Xbox One, but it got the issue fixed. I will copy and paste what they said below. The only difference was that I previously uploaded all my WoT data from the hard drive and put it on a thumb drive, which I then transferred back to the hard drive after I followed the instructions below. 

NOTE: Who the guys at microsoft said plug a thumb drive into the one of the USB ports on the back off the xbox 360, they seamed unaware that the case that holds most thumb drives, is too wide for the area where the USB ports are on the back of the 360, and would not allow you to plug the thumb drive all the way in! I had to pry open the case the thumb drive retracts into and remove it to get the drive to plug in all the way. 

Here are the instructions I got on the fix. It did take a few tries and I found that I could download and play WoT from the internet and did not have to have my WoT disk in the tray.

Hello Sir Veilance,

Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support.

I am able to see the error code, this code may have caused by a corrupted game data.

We will be needing for you to reinstall the game entirely, let me give you the steps on how to but first, we highly suggest for you to use an LAN/Ethernet cable when installing the WOT game, this will greatly help to have a more stable data transfer between your home connection and our server while reinstalling the WOT Game.

Reinstalling WOT game

Before you can reinstall World of Tanks, you must first uninstall it from the console's hard drive. To uninstall a game:

  • Say «Xbox, go to my games and apps» or open My games and apps on the Home screen.
  • Select Games.
  • Highlight the game you want to uninstall, press the Menu button, then select Manage game.
  • Select Manage all, select Uninstall all, and then select Uninstall.

You can then reinstall World of Tanks by downloading it again from the Xbox Store. To download the game again, search for World of Tanks in the Xbox Store, select it, and then select Install.

For more information please check this link:

How to install/ reinstall World of Tanks on Xbox

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and looking forward to hearing from you.

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