State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition F&Q (and important information for owners of State of Decay 2)

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition launches on Friday, March 13th, 10am PDT on Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Epic Games Store. For existing players of the game on Xbox One and Windows 10, this is a free upgrade, and all existing players will get the Juggernaut Edition.

You can also buy the State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition from the Epic Games Store and Steam. (There are also some additional Steam Achievements that can be earned)

Can I transfer my progress to Steam or Epic Games version?

Outfits, unlocked bounties, boons, and other account progress will be transferred to all platforms & achievements already earned on Xbox One & Windows 10 will transfer over to Steam and Epic Games Store, providing that you sign in to Xbox Live using the same Microsoft account/Gamertag. The reverse also applies – progress & achievements earned on Steam and Epic Games Store will transfer over to Xbox One and Windows 10

Saved game files and communities will not transfer between Xbox One/Windows 10, Steam and Epic Games Store, however, saved games will continue to transfer between Xbox One and Windows 10.

What is the launch time in my region?

  • US (PDT): 10 am (3/13
  • Brazil (BRT) 2 pm (3/13)
  • UK (GMT/UTC): 5pm (3/13)
  • Germany (CET): 6 pm (3/13)
  • Singapore (SGT): 1 am (3/14)
  • South Korea (KST): 2 am (3/14)
  • Australia (AEDT): 4 am (3/14)

Important Information for State of Decay owners.

Windows 10: If you already have State of Decay 2 installed on your Windows 10 device, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the new version. You’ll need to do the following if you launch the game and see the following message:


1.    Close State of Decay 2 and the Windows Store on your device

2.    Press the Windows key and search for Add or Remove Programs

3.    Enter State of Decay 2 in the “Search this list” bar

4.    Select State of Decay 2, then select Uninstall

5.    Close the Settings window

6.  (Update March 13th 23:53pm UTC) Press the Windows Key and type wsreset then press enter

7.    Open the Windows Store and search for State of Decay 2

8.    Select Install, and when complete, launch the game

If you don’t perform these steps, your installed version of the State of Decay 2 will no longer be supported after March 13th, 2020, which means it will not receive any updates and you’ll no longer be able to play online or sync with your Xbox One saves. After you uninstall and reinstall, you'll immediately be able to experience all the amazing features of State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition!

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition requires 1903 or higher of Windows 10 for the Juggernaut Edition to work.

Xbox: The game will automatically update.

Gifts for existing players

As a gift to existing players who own the Daybreak Pack, Heartland or Ultimate Edition, players will receive some unique in-game rewards when Juggernaut Edition launches. For more info, visit the State of Decay website.

Can I get a refund for Daybreak Pack, Heartland or Ultimate Edition?

There will be no refunds but you will get unique items within the game.


Will it be cross-platform? (Can I play with people on Steam if I’m on Epic, Xbox or Microsoft and vice versa?)

All versions of the game use Xbox Live to provide a cross-platform multiplayer experience regardless of store choice.

If I already own the game and am upgrading will it affect my current communities?

Current communities are safe, your saved data is preserved during the update.

Will saved communities on Xbox One or Windows 10 carry over to Steam or Epic?

Your achievements, outfits, unlocked bounties, boons, and other account progress will be transferred to all platforms, however, your existing communities will remain on their current platform.

Is the new map part of the base game or stand-alone?

It is a core map like Cascade Hills, Drucker County, and Meagher Valley, which means you can move or start a new campaign there. 

How big is the new map?

It is comparable to the other 3 open-world maps.

Are the graphic improvements across all the maps or just one?

Graphical improvements have been made to all 4 maps. 

Are there going to be any new achievements?

Yes, seven new achievements worth 150 Gamerscore.

What about Steam trading cards?


Is Windows 7 supported on Steam?

We do not officially support Windows 7.

Will there be a physical disc version?

There will not be new discs available to purchase, but all existing State of Decay 2 discs will update to Juggernaut Edition. Make sure you’re connected to the internet and follow the prompt when asked to update.I already own State of Decay 2. 

Will I have to re-purchase if I want to own the game on Epic Games Store or Steam?

If you also wish to own the game through the Epic Games Store or Steam, you will need to purchase it again there.

Is it included with Game Pass?

Yes, Juggernaut Edition is included in Game Pass for both Xbox One and PC.

What's new in the update?

You can read the patch notes here

Update 13th March 23:53 UTC


I do apologise for missing a step on how to install Juggernaut Edition for existing Windows 10 players I have now added that step thank you to Mister Rush and FeriHUN for pointing this out. You can find the official article here:


I did originally create this at 1 am local time on March 13th so I am going to clear a few things up that don't really make sense:


1) Your existing game saves, communities etc. will still work on the platform you created them on so if you Made it on Microsoft Store version then will work both on Microsoft Store version for Windows 10 and Xbox One version similarly if you made it on Xbox One they will work on the Microsoft Store version for Windows 10. But they will not work on Steam and on Epic Games versions.  So you will not lose anything by updating to the newest version.


2) At the time of writing the original post, I didn't know the store link for the Micorosft Store version (Xbox One and Windows 10) you can buy/download the game here 

3) If you experience any issue you can post here on or reach out to the support team here

Once again I am very sorry for missing the step out. I created this post 16 hours before the game was released and 17 hours before the article on how to update was released, that is why I missed that step.


Hi there,

It looks like there are a few extra steps not covered here that will help get players updated on Windows 10. First we want to make sure that you're running version 1903. To do that, check for any available updates and run WSRESET before upgrading to the new version. For more info, and a very detailed set of steps to upgrade to the Juggernaut Edition, head on over to the Official State of Decay 2 Upgrade page here from Undead Labs for the latest info on how to complete your Windows 10 upgrade. Thanks! 

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