My Xbox One X struggling on Youtube Videos

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I have my first Xbox ever for about 1 month and I'm already having issues with it . My Xbox one X while playing some 4k videos on Youtube app randomly freezes the picture in the video and keep it grey or greenish for a few secs while audio keep playing . I have been trying a few videos and looks like the 4k videos that do this are recent the oldest video that i had the freezing issue was uploaded 4 weeks ago . This freezing issue is very annoying . I'm looking for solution , there's anybody else having this issue ? Is my Xbox one X faulty ?

UPDATE 1 : I can say the Xbox one X is struggling reason why if go to advance settings in a video on youtube APP and wait the freeze grey /green screen happens I see on dropped frames go up 100 to 500 dropped frames (depending for how long the video freeze) .

UPDATE 2 : I already thinked about a possible bug on youtube app on xbox one x so i had a idea of downloading 1 youtube video on my computer , copy to my external HDD NTFS and run it via media player app . First time i run it didn't freeze a single time during the entire video (video 4 min long) then i run other VIDEO (a old 4k video that always worked fine) after that i run the downloaded video again but this time it freeze like it does on youtube app . This prove the Xbox one X is having a hard time rendering the video and is nothing wrong with the youtube app it does the same on media player via USB .

UPDATE 3: 3 days ago i try run it again on media player via USB but for my surprise i was able to run it 3 times (2 in a row) without a single freeze . It seems the Xbox One X struggles less on Media player .

UPDATE 4 : I power cycle once a day my xbox one x , I really need that people let me know if this happean on their Xbox one X as well , only that way i can know if my Xbox One X is factory defected . Once again old 4k videos before December 7 2018 work fine .

UPDATE 5 : So today i tried watch a 4k video on Microsoft edge (not from youtube by the way) 5 secs in the video and half of the video turn solid green then i lower res. down to 1080p video start working fine . Then i research on google and find people commenting about the Xbox one X and S having solid green screen while reproduce 4k videos on Microsoft edge . So i download the video on my computer copy to USB and run it via media player, no green screen here but the video stutters a lot with pixelation and a few secs after the console stop the video with a message (Can’t play.This application need to be Restarted 0xc00d11c6 (0x800700e) ) .

So  restart the console instead , run video again still having lots of stuttering and pixelation but this time console give me the same error after 2 minutes.

Additional comments of my own: This has happened to me over the past 3 months and it hasn't been fixed or even addressed by Microsoft to my knowledge. This problem ONLY occurs on the youtube app, not Netflix, Amazon video, etc for me. It also has begun occurring on more than just 4k videos. It happens on any video at random now.
This didn't begin happening until I upgraded from my Xbox One to my Xbox One X and got a 4k monitor. Here is an example of what the screen does when the problem arises. Audio continues, while the video is frozen like this for ~5 seconds.


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Hello Mekanikant,

Thank you for posting here on the Xbox forums. You are not the only one going through this. This is a known issue that Microsoft and their engineers are still working on fixing. Unfortunately, we have not been updated with an estimated time frame for a resolution.

You can follow the alpha preview builds list of changes they are working on at on every new build, they are trying to fix the issue with the YouTube app on Xbox one.

Happy Gaming!
Chris ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

I really appreciate the response, and it's great to hear that it is a known issue. I hope that it gets resolved soon!

Thanks again!

I have been having this issue as well, good to know Im not the only one.

This happens to me daily and constantly. Its been doing it for a year now but is getting worse. Pretty sure its the actual xbox and not the youtube app.

All i know is i wont be buying the next xbox and will be getting the PS5.

Good to know I'm not the only one, it has got worse lately and seems to be just on the Youtube app also, I have the Xbox One X,. I was worried it was my Sony tv at fault at one point but the tv's Youtube app doesn't have the same issue, so it's narrowed things down to just that app on the XboxOneX. 

Hopefully as this is fixed (hopefully as soon as possible as it's becoming annoying) a HDR function for the Youtube app will be integrated.

Thanks to Mekanikant, the original poster for raising this.

Microsoft, please fix this asap

check the hdmi
I've had to start watching the videos in 720p just to bypass the problem, it's the only temp fix I have right now. The freezing has been happening for a few months for me so the last xbox update must have messed something but it's a shameful problem forr an xbox that's made to run 4k 

Hello all, 


As this is an old thread, I will be locking this one. Updates, games and everything changes often so would be best to create a new thread. Once a new thread is created we will be happy to assist you in any issues or questions you might have. 


Stay safe have fun. GAME HARD just not too hard :) ಠ益ಠ