Known Issues for Game Launches (March 2021)

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It's March already and we're continuing to prepare for the build-up of games launching over the next few months. We understand that, at times, things can go wrong, and we want you to know that we're working to resolve troubling experiences reported to us by our customers within the Xbox community. Keep an eye on this list for updates to existing issues along with any new issues that may come up as new games launch.

For a list of all of the non-game specific issues being tracked for Xbox Series X|S, visit this page.

All Games 

  • Users are seeing their pre-orders canceled for games if they did not have a valid payment option on their account at the time of the charge.
    • All pre-orders typically charge customers 10 days before the game release date. This means that you'll need to have a valid payment option on your account at least 10 days before a game releases to avoid any billing issues. After a charge on your account has failed for a pre-order, there will be another attempt at a charge a few days later. If that second attempt fails to successfully charge, your pre-order will be canceled and you'll need to repurchase the desired game again after you have added a valid payment option to your account. To verify that your pre-order was successfully charged and the game was added to your game library, sign in here and look for the successful proof of purchase.
  • Users are seeing "Do you own this game or app?" when launching a recently purchased game.
    • To make sure you own the game and didn't run into any issues with your payment option at the time the charge was attempted, head over to to ensure the game is marked as Completed in your order history. If not, you'll need to purchase the game again because the initial purchase did not go through. 
  • Problems when purchasing a 5x5 code for a game or game add-on at a retailer, and the code redeems CSV to the Microsoft account instead of granting access to the game or game add-on.
    • When you purchase a digital code for a game or game add-on at a retailer, that code is meant to give pre-paid money (CSV) to the account of the user who redeems it. The user then needs to use that prepaid balance to purchase the content from the Microsoft Store digitally. The issue most users run into is that the code does not cover local sales tax. Be sure to pick up an additional prepaid Xbox gift card to cover the tax of the purchase or make sure you have a valid payment option on the account so that you can complete your desired purchase.

  • Users seeing “We are unable to sync your data with the cloud at the moment.” error on Windows 10.
    • This may happen if you recently changed your Xbox Live account profile or permissions. It may also happen if you’re having internet connectivity issues, or there’s an Xbox service outage.
    • Check to make sure your internet connection is working by following this troubleshooting guide. This will also check to make sure there isn’t an Xbox service outage.
    • Sign out and back into the Xbox app on your Windows 10 device to refresh your account credentials. You won’t need to sign out or restart your device.

NBA 2K21

  • Players on Xbox Series X|S aren't able to view NBA 2K21 once installed via Xbox Game Pass in their game library.
    • This is happening because by default, Xbox Series X|S consoles are looking for the specific Xbox Series X|S version of the game, however only the Xbox One version is available with Xbox Game Pass.
    • You can still play the Xbox One version with your subscription by browsing to the Subscriptions tile on Home, via the spotlight on the Game Pass experience, or through the All Games list viewable in My Games & Apps > Full Library > Game Pass.
    • You can also search for the game in the store and launch the Xbox One version of NBA 2K21 (if you see multiple versions, it's the one that doesn't have the X|S label). 

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

If you're experiencing any issues while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, such as the game freezing or crashing, the best resource for finding known issues that are being tracked by the studio are the Activision Support site and the Activision Support Twitter handle. Here are some of the issues we've been tackling at Xbox Support:

  • Players only have access to the Xbox One version on Xbox Series X|S.
    • To make sure that you’re playing the correct version of the game, here are a couple of things that you can check:
      • Make sure that you purchased the Cross-Gen or Ultimate Edition of the game. The Standard Edition only contains the Xbox One version.
      • If you purchased the Cross-Gen or Ultimate Edition, make sure that you’re playing the version optimized for Xbox Series X|S. You'll have two versions of the game installed: Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. To verify that you’re running the Xbox Series X|S version, open your game collection and use the filter to select Optimized for Xbox Series X|S, or look for the version of the game with the X|S badge as highlighted below.

  • Players are seeing large download sizes when downloading the Cross-Gen or Ultimate Edition.
    • If you own the Cross-Gen or Ultimate Edition, you’ll receive two versions of the game on Xbox Series X|S: the Xbox One version (89 GB), and the Xbox Series X|S version (up to 183 GB). You can choose which one to play by filtering on Games for Xbox One or Games for Xbox Series X|S. To manage the content that’s installed:
      1. Highlight the game tile in your collection.
      2. Press the Menu button and select Manage game and add-ons.
      3. From here, you can choose which content is installed and which can be removed.
    • For more info on dual-generation games, check out this support page.

Microsoft Casual Games

  • Microsoft Casual Games recently announced that games are no longer supported on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
    • All games were removed from the Windows 8 Store on December 14, 2020. 
    • These include the following titles:
      • Microsoft Jigsaw
      • Microsoft Mahjong
      • Microsoft Minesweeper
      • Microsoft Number Puzzle
      • Microsoft Solitaire
      • Microsoft Sudoku
      • Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
      • Taptiles
    • If you want to continue playing then you can do one of the following:
      • Upgrade your device to Windows 10
      • Play free on the MSN Games website
      • Play free on mobile, iOS or Android
    • For more info, visit the Microsoft Casual Games support page.

Minecraft Dungeons 

  • Users on Windows 10 are unable to share access to the game with other family members.
    • Family sharing (and other forms of game sharing) is not supported by the title as this time. Attempting to play on another account may result in receiving the error message, "Could not verify game ownership."

  • Some users installing the game via the Microsoft Store app on PC see the Install button grayed out. 
    • To install this game or any game from the Microsoft Store app, your Windows 10 device needs to be on a 1903 OS build or greater. The easiest way to ensure that your PC is ready to go for any game that comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC is to install the Xbox app with the steps posted here. This forces the PC to install an OS version that can run all Game Pass for PC games and allow users to easily find them inside the Xbox app. 

  • Some users are experiencing lost save file data on PC.
    • If you're experiencing this issue and don't want to restart your progress from level 1, the Minecraft team has a solution here that helps you import a premade leveled-up character, so you can pick up around the same point where you left off. 

For all other known issues with Minecraft Dungeons, check out this list of known issues from the Minecraft team. Also see the Minecraft Dungeons FAQ if you have questions about additional problems not covered in the Known Issues list.

EA Play (formerly EA Access) 

  • 10-hour trials for games are counting down time when users are not actively playing the games.
    • This can occur a few different ways but most often when the game is paused and left running. To prevent this from happening, please make sure that you fully quit out of the game from the guide menu when you're finished with each session within your 10-hour trial. To do this:
      1. Press the Xbox button on your controller and then highlight the game from your recently played list.
      2. Press the Menu button and highlight Quit.
      3. Press the A button.

  • There's no EA Play app on Xbox Series X|S consoles.
    • The EA Play app is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of EA Play. If you're looking for ways to claim your 10-hour trials for popular games such as FIFA 21 or Madden NFL 21 on an Xbox Series X|S console, go to the Store and search for your game. Then select Free Trial with EA Play on the game description page. To access the entire EA Play library, go to My games & apps > Full library > EA Play.

For additional help or info concerning in-app issues with EA Play, check this page.

All Other Games

For all other games, contact the game publisher for in-game issues. To locate the publisher, go to the game's description page in the Microsoft Store, scroll to the Additional Information section, and find the publisher in Published By.

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