HUGE Problem - Slow Download Speeds XBox One

Slow download speeds on xbox one.  This is a major issue and nobody will take responsibility.  

Microsoft blames your ISP (internet service provider) , and your ISP blames Microsoft.   

A google search will show the numerous postings about this issue and the lack of response from Microsoft. 

I have gig service with Cox Communications and when I do a “detailed networks” test through xbox I’m lucky to be at 50mbps.  Obviously not in ballpark of 1000mbps. I can go on phone wifi and get over 300mbps and other devices are fast on same network. 

I can reboot,refresh,clear xbox cache,unplug every other device and it doesn’t matter. I’m on a hardwired connection and have tried different eithernet cords and ports.  Brand new docsis 3.1 netgear and nighthawk router.  Xbox is set to highest priority and has a static ip, port forwarding blah blah blah.

To pay for gig service only to have xbox throttle back speeds is beyond frustrating. At the least it’s an internal hardware issue with xbox that they would never admit to as it would result in millions of dollars in fixes.  

Hey Microsoft,  please respond to this thread with more  than the typical run around “fixes” that do nothing.  And please don’t tell me my ISP is restricting bandwith to my xbox.   See below, not acceptable.  Phone wifi vs.  xbox hardwired speed.  BTW.... the test below for xbox of 31 down was fast,  pathetic.



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Check this support link for a possible solution to your downloading issue:
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Out of curiosity, try running a test through or some other HTML5-based testing site using Edge on your console. Sometimes the speed posted in Network Statistics is what you get via Live itself, not what your actual internet speeds are. My current net speed is about 150Mbps, and my console can typically pull around 80Mbps under good conditions from Xbox Live.

Thanks I’ll try out that link.

So why do you think you only get 80 mbps from xbox live?

Most likely that's what is available from Xbox Live's servers. I started downloading the 50GB Fallout 76 patch last night, along with hundreds of thousands of other users on my side of the country. That amount of traffic, combined with the general amount of traffic that the start of a holiday week may generate, may well contribute to the reduced speed.

Here's the thing, though. You honestly don't need a hyper-fast Xbox Live connection to get good performance. A 10Mbps connection is excellent for multiplayer gaming or streaming video content. Faster is great for game installs and downloads, of course.

Thanks for the responses.  While I agree download speed isn’t as important as latency for online gaming,  it’s frustrating to have only a fraction of what you pay for through the ISP.  

It also depends on the time of day you are downloading things . If in the us any where from 2p- say 6pm est is not the best time as kids are getting home from school and early workers ar getting home and doing the same thing and same updates taxing the servers 

 it’s frustrating to have only a fraction of what you pay for through the ISP.  

 I completely agree. I generally only see a third of my actual Internet speed reflected on Xbox Live. 

O thinks this is a problem with Xbox Live, I have this same problem, so is my cousin
It's likely that they throttle speeds to control traffic to their servers.

Just because you pay for Gig service doesn't mean that you will be able to achieve that speed at all times or on all sites. Some ISP's over subscribe their nodes so if lots of people are online at same time then your available throughput will be lower.

If you have node congestion then that's something your ISP will have to address. If you have local router issues (eg QOS) then that's something you may need to address.

I'm a 250 Mbps down / 20 Mbps cable ISP user in Toronto, Canada and my XBL network test just got 251.40 Mbps down and 16.92 Mbps up (0% packet loss, MTU 1480, Latency 42 ms). YMMV according to network routing and/or XBL server loads too.

Good luck!

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