How do you play Hunger Games on Xbox One?

Please forgive me for what seems like a pretty basic question and answer, but how can my kids play hunger games on Xbox One Minecraft? They have watching youtube, (Stampylongnose) for quite some time and have always wanted to play like he does, but they have only had minecraft on there kindles. When I watch those youtube videos with them, it appears like stampy goes to a server with hundreds of other online players, and then goes into a hungergames world. I have no idea how to do this for them, and cannot seem to find any information on how to do this. 

On xbox you can only play with people that invite you to their world. This usually happens by having people on your friend's list that also play Minecraft. You can look through the forums and find people.    

Hunger Games Hunger Games Hunger Games!

Just about every weekend and holidays, the Daughters of the Realm host Hunger Games. Wether you are a beginner or pro, come join the Hunger Games! The Daughters host and play on the same maps as Iballisticsquid, Bigbstatz, Leisuregaming, others, and the man himself, STAMPY!

Simply send a friend request to PermanentLake27, then, wait for a message about the time and date of the next Hunger Games (usually close to the weekend). At the time of the Hunger Games, you will receive a party invite, then from there, an invite to the game. Be quick to accept as the party fills up FAST! Each map we play on will have three, separate, games (rounds). If you do not make it into the 1st round, wait for the next party invites for the 2nd and 3rd. Once you get into the games, read the rules, and have fun. If you have watched Hunger Games on youtube, then you are ready for the real thing!

This weekend's maps will include a Stampylongnose favorite (finally, Stampys Paradise), and another chosen by the Daughters of the Realm. Hope you can make it!

May the Minecraft Gods Favor you.

...or they can find you!


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