Destiny on Xbox 360 20 GB System

So Amazon says you can't use the Core system (no HDD), the Arcade System (memory card), or the 4 GB slim (no HDD) but doesn't say anything about the original 20 GB consoles. If it requires 20 gigs then that console won't work. If I can augment it with a USB drive it will. What's the answer? I've had this game pre-ordered for ages and I'd hate to have to cancel it because Bungie decided to alienate a quarter of it's market base.


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No doubt the xbox 360 edition will run perfectly from the disk if you choose to play it on an old Xbox 360. Might be abit taxing for the old Xbox 360. There are reports of current new release games crashing the old school 360 consoles. Overheating and dvd drive wear is a possibility.

I know this game will not support flash drives as I already tried via beta. im sure the game will work on the original 20 gb hdd. my only worry is that in the long run this game may exceed 20 gigs after all the massive updates and add ons they will have. ive heard they are expanding the game daily

You could always get a bigger hard drive, you could pick up an official old school one off ebay. Will come in handy not just for destiny but also for other games. If you can find one I recommend a 120 gigabyte hard drive.