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Requesting Colorblind Mode on Xbox One please not every game has a colorblind feature on there game.

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That mode is added by the publisher. The addition of said mode has increased a lot in recent years.

If you have a specific unsupported game you'd like to see it in I suggest you contact the publisher of the game.


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Hi dogs123456789

It down to the game developer to add that, There is a few games that already have that like Sea of Thieves and Fortnite just to name 2. What game in question you want to request from I can link you to the support page if they don't have the feature in to inquire about it further :D 

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It isn't something Microsoft can add in retrospectively to a game via the console, it needs to be something the game developers add it to the game itself. 

Hopefully all developers will add in various accessibility features to their games.

This would be on the developers of the games. Anything Microsoft could do as a general colorblind mode wouldn't do it justice in games. It'd only really be good in the menus.
I do see quite a few games with colorblind mode added. I saw one recently, I think it might have been in Ascendance. But I believe it's something that has to be coded in when the game is being developed, by the Developer.
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Everyone's been posting some good thoughts, and yes, it's great to see more and more developers adding more inclusivity options into their games. While it would be nice for Xbox to have an OS-level colorblind mode, I think that would be heavy handed. The reason I say that is because each developer's games use color in different ways, so imposing a mode on them may work well with some titles, but not so good with others. That said, I would love for the market to encourage developers to work within their own games to make sure that colorblind players are not left out, and that they take the time to deploy the option in a manner that works for that particular game.

Games are getting a lot better at adding colour blind modes now.Surprised it's taken so long as a big percent of males suffer from some sort of colour blindness,doesn't affect females as much but males do get it from their mothers.

 I'm red/green colour blind but some colour blind modes make things worse.

As has already been said,it is really down to the developer to add this as colours work differently on some games & there are several types of colour blindness.

While this is something that developers have to do it would be awesome if Xbox,  in their push to be more accessible, published a list of all Xbox games with Color Blind settings and offered that as a filter under capabilities in their store! 
This would have to be in the forums for each game , its not a standard policy
That would be nice to have.

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