When I enable Developer Mode, do I have to leave preview altogether?

I know I have to un-enroll from the Preview Program to enable Developer Mode, but once I switch back to Retail Mode, can I re-enroll to the Preview Program and still have the "xp" and overall data from when I was previously in Preview?

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Hey there viprixx, yes you are free to rejoin whenever you get your console back in retail mode.  Just as a heads up though, while your console is enrolling your stats will likely show 0 or incorrectly.  That should resolve itself after the console gets fully enrolled back in the system.  Please let me know if you have any other questions and have a great day!

Yes, your preview award points will remain at what they were when you left viprixx.

Once you are fully enrolled again, they will carry on where you left off.

When you enrol again, your points will show as zero, until fully enrolled. 

This is quite normal, so don't panic, they haven't been reset.