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Liking the new Clubs feature, only now just really getting to use it. I'm in the preview program but my friends were not. Now it's a open release I'm finally making a club with my friends.
I have a group of friends and we play together on a regular basis and enjoy party chat during that game and enjoy the banter. During a game session we may capture several game clips of things we have got up to and now share them to the club for us all to enjoy and relive.
In some cases an epic event would occur that we'd all capture from different view points in our respective game captures. These would then be shared to club.
My request is can these submitted clips be made available to be saved to the viewers console so they can be edited in 'Upload Studio'? At present I can edit my own captures but not videos submitted by other members in the club. I'd love to be able to edit all these into a montage video or even better a narrative of an epic event from our separate characters points of view.
I appreciate this may incur this may some privacy/sharing issues so, when club member shares a video to the club maybe pop up a question that asks if the poster gives permission for the club to save this video to make future videos containing all/parts of it?


GT: Daz Turnip


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Hey Daz Turnip,

Thanks for the suggestion. Please make sure to also submit it at: feedback.xbox.com so it can get more attention.

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