Remove my Communications ban

Its funny how people talk so much crap on xbox and dont get banned and i tell 1 person to basically screw off and i get banned for 2 days and ive been playing for about 10 years and never have a problem then you contactsupport to try to see about maybe lifting to ban that should have never happened and they just give you the run around. THERE IS A BLOCK PERSON BUTTON FOR A REASON YOU DONT LIKE TALKING TO THEM OR CANT LISTEN TO BAD WORDS THEY HAVE A PRIVACY SETTING TO ONLY BE ABLE TO TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS. Again my ban needs to be lifted because they state on any game that ONLINE INTERACTIONS are NOT rated by the ESBA.


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What have the Preview Team on the Preview Forums got to do with your communication ban?

you have posted this in the wrong place buddy.


Unfortunately nobody here on the Xbox Insiders forums has any visibility into any enforcement related information. For any enforcement related information, or to dispute any suspensions/bans you would need to go to