enforcment is a joke.

I gave a report of a xbox account literally threatening to dox me and i get muted. GEEZ either you all dont know what you are doing when it counts or you dont take care of the comunity.. GET NEW JOBS.


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It is always best to just report and block the person and not allow yourself to get drawn into a situation that may cause an enforcement action to be taken against you.

Did you just report or did you also answered his messages? Did you call him names or where disrespectful in any way?

Not saying he didn't deserve it, but to the enforcers rules are rules. Someone doing it to you doesn't give you an excuse to do it to them. Just report and move on.

As a former member of that team I can tell you they work their tails off 365 days a year and they do care. They are also very deliberate and careful with their actions.

There is a proper way to contact the team for enforcement actions taken against you. The preview forums are not the right place for that.