OneDrive Not Working

When I try to upload to the one drive it says something went wrong, we were unable to upload your clip. check your connection and try again. this has been happening on and off for a while now.uploading to Xbox live works fine always but one drive always seems to have problems. and there seems to be no fix for this according to people on various websites  :/ why is this still even a thing? How am I suppose to upload my stuff when the actual service doesn't work , Does anyone know an actual fix for this because it's not my connection just like it wasn't anyone else connection, Xbox please fix your shiet  :|


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And the generic powercyle method doesnt fix it either smh 

Hi All,

Are you still seeing this behavior with attempting to upload clips?  If so, have you reported this directly from the console?  We need those console reports in order to investigate the behavior further.  If you do report this from the console make sure and reply back here to let us know.

Thanks for the feedback!



yep I have the same problem