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Windows live writer wont connect to blogger

audreychristensen asked on

I have been using the windows live writer for years and today it wont let me post into my blogger blog. 

The first error was stating that my user name and password was incorrect so I changed it. It still didn't work and still stating the same issue. I clean/repaired up the windows essentials like other forms said. Now the error message I get is blogger return the following error: Notfound: not found. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it keeps saying the same issue.


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prathapareddy replied on

please make sure that you use the following steps

1. Verify you are using http or https for you website.

2. Add ' @gmail.com ' at the end of your user name.

3. If your account has 2-step verification enabled then see the following guide to use app specific password rather than your original password.

App specific password generation

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AzzurA replied on

I have the same problem with a Live Writer and all of my Blogger accounts.

Having read the Blogger help forum, it would appear that Google on the 26th of this month changed their API log in protocols etc. Which has effectively killed off all 3rd party blogger software !!

Microsoft need to update live Writer with the new settings to take this into account.

Any Microsoft moderator reading this please pass it on to the team. 

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