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How to set up Thunderbird to sync your account

Cristina_L. asked on
I can’t get Thunderbird to sync with my account. How can I correct this?
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Marie_V. replied on

To set up Thunderbird to sync to your account’s email:


1.       Open Thunderbird.

2.       From the Application menu, choose Add Account…

3.       Input your account information, choose Options… then Account Settings…

4.       Click the Account Actions button, then choose Add Mail Account…

5.       Input your account information.

6.       Click Continue.

7.       Click Manual config.

8.       Set the Incoming settings as follows:

          a.       Server hostname:

          b.      Port: 993.

          c.       SSL: SSL/TLS.

          d.      Authentication: Normal password.


9.       Set the Outgoing settings as follows:  

          a.       Server hostname:

          b.      Port: 587.

          c.       SSL: STARTTLS.

          d.      Authentication: Normal password.


10.   Click Done.


For more information on connecting your app to, visit this link:

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