Q: Can I make one of my aliases in my primary account?

I added an alias in account, but I'd rather have this alias as my primary account. Is it possible to make the change?



Some users have experienced problems accessing their email messages after renaming their account. We have turned off the “rename” functionality to investigate further. We will be updating the thread Why can't I change my Microsoft account email? as soon as we have more information to share.




April 1st Update

The Microsoft account Rename feature has been re-enabled.


Yes, you can change the primary account name to an existing alias! You would need to delete the alias from your account  then you can immediately rename your account.
BUT, if you want to create a brand new account (not rename existing one) with an already existing alias, then you will have to delete the alias from your primary account and wait for 30 days. Note, after 30 days the deleted alias will become available in the system for pick up but you may not necessarily get it back in case someone else takes it before you! In short, you bear the risk of losing the alias name.
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