Q: Password protection for Windows live mail

is it possible to password protect windows live mail so that I can let someone use my home computer but not see my mail

1. You don't give out your user account password. If you have, change it so nobody knows what it is.

2. You give others their OWN user accounts with their OWN passwords.

3. If they all use Windows Live Mail, make sure they all have their own e-mail addresses and passwords.

That way they can only logon to their own account and therefore cannot see what are on other user accounts.

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just yes or no

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The people that answered this question do not realize that anyone with access to your computer can access your mail with merely a click of the button.  There is no where that I can find to password protect the program from downloading the mail from your online email provider once the Live mail program has been set up to download email from that provider.  In order to use the program your password to access the providers email site is already programmed into live mail.  That is why we have asked this question. 

Let me explain.  I also use Mozilla Thunderbird to download another email address with another provider, and when I open Thunderbird I have a second password that is required to merely open the program.  However, once the program is opened and the opening password is put in, then the you merely have to press the button "get mail" and it will  go online and get the mail using the programmed in password for the Provider's mail service.   The Microsoft Life Mail program is like the Thunderbird except it is not secured within the computer from other users opening the program once you give them access to the computer.  Therefore, anyone who needs access to your computer can at will download your private email on Live mail once they are allowed in, but they cannot do this from Thunder Bird. 

Now having said this, is there anyone who can explain if there is a password that can be installed  in Windows Live Mail to keep some person other than myself from opening my mail program, if I have allowed them to use the computer to do their homework on MS Word, etc.? 

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No, there is no way to password-protect Windows Live Mail. You can put a password on your Windows user account to keep your personal data private. 


... anyone who needs access to your computer can at will download your private email on Live mail once they are allowed in ... 

Windows Live Mail is a per Windows user program. Only those with access to your Windows user account can get to your email, in just the same way as they can get to your personal documents and pictures. If you want to keep these private, don't allow others access to your Windows user account. It has been made progressively easier since Windows XP to ensure that different users of the same computer can keep their own stuff private.

If you want to allow your child to use your computer without being able to see your own private data, give him his own Windows standard user account with his own password. This will have the added effect of not allowing him to install variously dodgy programs on the machine, or to make changes to the operating system. He will also be able to keep his own stuff safe from nosy siblings, but not from concerned parents with an administrator account. You must of course also password-protect your own account so that he can't access your mail, private documents and pictures. If there are documents or pictures you want other users to have access to, put them in the public folders which are available to all users of the machine.

Anyone with a user account on the machine can use Windows Live Mail to manage his own email. This will be completely private and separate from anyone else's email (and contacts and calendar).  Many families find it useful to set up a family Microsoft Account, if only to be able to use a common contacts list and calendar. Sign in in Windows Live Mail with the family account to see the family contacts and calendar; sign out, or sign in with a personal Microsoft Account to see the personal contacts and calendar.

Open User accounts in Control Panel while signed on with an administrator account to set up and manage user accounts. It only takes a few moments, and it's worth it for the peace of mind it brings. Each time you leave the computer for any length of time, just press Windows key  + L to Lock it, so that only those with an account can use it, and encourage others to do the same.

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