Error when attempting to connect to the Windows Live Calendar service

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There was an error when attempting to connect to the Windows Live Calendar service. If the error persists, check to see if there's an upgrade of Windows Live Mail available or contact a service representative.

Many users are encountering this error, which can have several causes. This article explains one of them, the most probable one as mail, calendar and contacts websites for Microsoft Accounts are upgraded to a new platform. Other causes include problems with the Internet connection or temporary problems at the server end, for example with the sign-in to the Microsoft Account concerned.

The error message will only appear when the user is signed in in Windows Live Mail.


This is one of the ways the error message may be displayed. The screenshot is taken from Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 10:

To see whether the error is a consequence of the server upgrade,

  1. When viewing the calendar, click the right-most button on the ribbon and select View account information.
  2. After signing in to the Microsoft Account and the account Hello! page opens, click View inbox in the left-hand column.
  3. The Outlook webmail page should open. In the top left-hand corner, a banner like this may be displayed:

    The colour of the banner will vary with the theme selected (settings
      Change theme).
    The wording on the banner will vary according to the language selected for the account (settings
    Options > General > Region and time zone > Language). It will not necessarily be the same for all variants of the same language.  
  •  If a banner like this is displayed, the account has been upgraded and your contacts and calendar will not sync any more. If the same account is also set up as a mail account in Windows Live Mail, it won't sync either, because the DeltaSync protocol that these functions depend upon isn't supported by Outlook Mail.
  •  If a banner like this isn't displayed, you have a different problem and the rest of this article doesn't apply. Please use the Ask the community button to start a thread about this different problem in the forums.

This error may occur on any build of Windows Live Mail up to and including 16.4.3528.xxxx when the Microsoft Account involved has been upgraded.

To find the program build, open the program and press Alt-H A. If this doesn't show the version and build numbers, press Escape twice and then Alt-F B

Current builds are:
Windows XP 14.0.8117

Windows Vista 15.4.3555
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10: 16.4.3528

Build 16.4.3528 is the only one available for download from the official Microsoft page
Windows Essentials Download Options


How to deal with the error depends on what the program is used for. Unless and until an update to Windows Live Mail 2012 is released to re-enable synchronization of the calendar, here are some suggestions:

  1. Ignore the error
    It's an annoyance, but if everything else is working as before, it's a single click to dismiss the error message window.
  2. Stop signing in
    To stop signing in, click on the account button on the Home tab of the ribbon and select Sign out of Windows Live Mail.

  3. This will prevent the program from loading the account calendar that can't be updated and will cause the default calendar to be loaded. The account calendar will still be available at, and the error message will not be displayed. 
    When the user is not signed in, the contacts list is the default one, which is a different one from the account contacts list that is seen when the user is signed in. If this is a problem, then the account contacts list can be copied to the default one - see instructions below.

    Not being signed in also means that the photo email feature will not work. Using an external command like Send to > Mail recipient or the Email command in a pictures folder in Explorer will also fail. To send pictures by email, start a new mail message first, then use
    either Attach file or Single photo on the Insert tab to select and attach pictures to the message. The Single photo option embeds the picture in the body of the message.

Transfer contacts to the default list

Method 1  using the current account contacts list in Windows Live Mail

This method has some advantages over using the more common CSV format:

  • All of the data for each contact are exported. CSV only allows one email address for each contact, and some data fields are not exported.  
  • It is possible to make a selection of contacts to import. CSV imports all of them.

  1.  Switch to the contacts window by clicking the address book icon at the foot of the folder pane or pressing Ctrl-3.
  2.  Click the account button and ensure that you're signed in with the Microsoft Account that holds the contacts list you want to transfer.
  3. Click Export and select Business card (.VCF).  Choose an empty folder or make a new one.
    The entire contacts will be exported, with each having its own .vcf file.
  4. Click the account button and Sign out of Windows Live Mail. The default contacts list will load - it may be empty.
  5. Click Import and again select Business card (.VCF).  Navigate to the folder you used at step 3.
  6. Select the contacts you want to have in the default list. The ones you select will be imported regardless of whether the same contact is already there in the list, so you could end up with duplicates.

Method 2  using the contacts list at

This method includes more contact data than exporting from Windows Live Mail.

  1. Sign in to the account at, then use the Export for and other services option on the Manage menu to save a CSV file containing your contacts data.
  2. In Windows Live Mail, switch to the contacts window (press Ctrl-3 or click the address book icon at the foot of the folder pane)
  3. Ensure that the right-most button on the ribbon reads Sign in. If it doesn't, click it and select Sign out of Windows Live Mail. The default contacts list will load.
  4. Click Import  > Comma Separated Values (.csv) and navigate to the file you saved earlier. 

    Take care when importing to map the fields in the CSV file to the ones available. Field names are important: Email address is not the same as E-mail address, for example.
    Contact groups won't be transferred, so if you used categories as distribution lists, for example, you'll have to re-create them.
    Note that the imported contacts will be added to the list regardless of whether any of them are already present. To prevent duplicates, delete the ones already there that you know to be in the list you're importing.

You will now have the same contacts list as you had when you were signed in. If you use the same contacts list on any other device, you should make any changes both in Windows Live Mail and at, because this list will not synchronize.


Things that will not help

  1. Removing and re-adding ('reconfiguring') any mail account. There is no connection between mail accounts and the Windows Live Calendar service in Windows Live Mail.
  2. Repairing the Windows Essentials installation, either using the Uninstall/change function in Programs and features in Control Panel, or by running wlarp.exe, which is the same thing. If the fault is caused by the upgrade to Outlook Mail, it has nothing to do with the program files.
  3. Re-installing or uninstalling and re-installing Windows Live Mail.
  4. Looking for a Work offline option on the Internet Explorer 11 File menu. While the same error message was often seen by users who had a third-party browser installed some years ago, unintentionally working offline is not likely to be the cause in 2016.

For other consequences of the upgrade to Outlook Mail, please see this article: Windows Live Mail and Outlook Mail


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This is a great work around post, but it sounds like more trouble than it's worth.  The bottom line is Microsoft messed up mail and should fix it back to the original configuration it was in.  To roll out an upgrade/new platform in an update to unsuspecting users is, simply put, WRONG!

Fix it the right way, Microsoft.  Isn't your 'backend team  working on a fix for a future update?  If so, WHEN is this future update?

Like most of us here, I've used Microsoft products since the MS-Dos days and thoroughly enjoyed the software without all the bugs.  Now, I can't say the same.  IE11 crashes all the time.  Unless you reset everything it takes forever to load - this isn't how it should be. 

I got an IPad last year, use it daily now along with my PC running Windows 10.  How many times has my Ipad crashed?  NEVER!   How many times has my PC crashed running Windows 10 Educational?  I can't even begin to some up with a count.....

Very disappointed user.

Ken422 is so right.  Microsoft messed it up.  Microsoft needs to fix it, and now.  Why would Microsoft do such a thing as mess up something that wasn't a problem top begin with?  Or, how can I delete or uninstall the upgrade?  Microsoft, some answers please.

Thanks, iFiredog.....your suggestions were very comprehensive.

This explains the problem very clearly.  Obviously Microsoft needs to get this fixed - it's unreal that they make these "improvements" throwing sand in the gears of their own software!
Since are so many "experts" there why don't they just FIX IT rather then doing an end run. Geniuses, who needs them?
Is this fixed?  At some point on May 4th, when I checked my mail I did not get the "calendar error" message.  Since yesterday, repeated checks of my email do not produce the error message.  Does anyone know if this has been fixed or just disabled?  I also no longer see the "updating calendar" message prior  to the update error message.

How does a company make updates that are not compatible with it's own system?

Microsoft, when are you going to fix the calendar?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, after all their wonderful new Windows 10 will not work with Microsoft Money. I know this is no longer supported but when I upgraded to 10 I was no longer able to access Money data halfway through a Tax Year! As I said, in another similar post, whenever possible I use other software that doesn't upgrade with disastrous results. No wonder so many are moving to Apple.
Still not fixed for me.
I had this exact same problem which began when I was viewing my medical website for future appointments.  There was one appointment listed which gave me the option of adding it to my calendar with one click, which I tried, only to find that it did not add the appointment to my calendar.  After reading this material, and following the directions without success I reflected on its discussion about the "Contacts" file.  I opened my Contacts file and found that my medical provider was listed, but I had not made the entry.  I deleted that entry and my problem was solved.

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