Q: Message rules don't allow me to specify a folder to move/copy in Windows 7

I successfully set up two message rules when I set up my new windows live mail.

However, any further attempts, even with the 'stop processing more' ticked, have resulted in my not being able to specify the destination folder.

The folders all come up, but when I highlight any folder, the "OK button" won't come up.

Thus, I cannot make any more message rules.



I solved that problem by mucking with the properties of that account.

Originally named Null, I left everything blank, but used that inbox, which I renamed allrule, to catch copies of my various accounts I watch.

So, now it all appears in the allrule, as a copy, and the various accounts have the original.

Then I went back into the properties and started making changes such that I could mail from that allrule inbox (where I am, always, unless someone needs something checked or forgets, or whatever causes me to go to that account) as my name, with my email address, but it still would not attempt to fetch mail.

So, I think all is well, now.

Thanks for all your help.


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