Recover an accidently deleted email ACCOUNT in Live Mail 2011.

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I need to recover an accidently deleted email ACCOUNT in Live Mail 2011. I need to recover very important information that was in the account. I hope there is a way to do this. I was about to make a hard copy when the I accidently deleted the ACCOUNT (all the email within the account). Someone PLEAE help.
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You may be able to selectively recover the deleted folders using the Previous Versions component. You will need to know the name of the folders that were deleted. Here is the step by step procedure.

1. You will first need to select the Show hidden files option.

a. Open Windows Explorer and click Organize / Folder and search options. Click the View Tab.

b. Place a check mark in the Show Hidden files, folders and drives option.

Click Apply/OK.

c. Close and restart Windows Explorer.

2. Open the WLM Store folder.

a. Navigate to the following folder.

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

(Where 'your name' is the name of the account that you use to logon to Windows 7)

b. In this folder you will see all of the WLM storage folders. Each email account will have its own group of folders.

c. Any general storage folders that you created will under the main Storage Folders item.

3. Make a copy of the Windows Live Mail folders previous version.

a. Right click the Windows Live Mail folder and select Properties / Previous Versions Tab.

b. After the list populates, select a version of the folder with a date and time prior to when the folders were deleted.

c. Click the Copy Button. In the Copy dialog box, select the Desktop as the location to place the copied folder.

4. Move the previous emails to an open WLM folder.

a. Go to the Desktop and open the copied WLM folder. Locate the folders that were deleted.

b. Open a folder, highlight the messages, and select Copy. Go to the current WLM folder and paste the messages into the same location from where they were deleted.
Inbox to Inbox, Sent items to Sent items, ........

After you have retrieved all of the deleted messages, you can delete the copied WLM previous version folder from the Desktop.

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