How can I solve synchronization, send and receive email errors in Windows Live Mail?

The synchronization, send and receive errors such as 0x80048820, 0x80070057, 0x80072EFF or 0x80048849 may occur in the Mail. Not all the errors are listed here, but generally such errors occur due to network, machine configuration or software configuration issues. You must ensure that there are no emails stuck in the outbox folder of Windows Live Mail. Most of the time, these errors go away when you re-configure your account or in Windows Live Mail or access your account using POP:


1. Re-configure your account in Windows Live Mail:


Please follow the steps given in the article How do I add an account to Windows Live Mail? to re-configure/ add an email account to Windows Live Mail. You may need to remove an account before you re-configure it.


2. Access the account using POP3:


If you are on dial up, please try accessing your account using POP3. Here’s the information to configure your account:

 - POP3 Server: (port 995)
 - SMTP Server: (port 25)

Note: If port 25 has been blocked in your network or by your ISP, you can set SMTP port to 587 with TLS or SSL Encryption depending on the client in use. Please make sure to check the box that indicates that your outgoing server requires authentication (in most e-
Windows Live Mails, this is not checked by default).

- Username: your full e-mail address
- Password: your Microsoft Account password

Also, our POP3 service requires that you use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with the POP and SMTP connection and use SMTP authentication. This is to ensure that your e-mail address and password are not subject to tampering. You can find the full details of POP/SMTP settings here.


If the two steps described above didn’t work for you, refer to the categories of issues below that may be leading to these errors:


Network issues:


1.       You were not connected to the Internet when you tried to synchronize your account

2.       The mail server that you are attempting to send to or receive data from may not be available

3.       DNS may have incorrect cached data

4.       The MTU setting on Windows Live Mail is larger than the MTU settings configured on network devices between your Windows Live Mail and the mail servers.


For steps to resolve network issues, please go to: How can I resolve network issues in Windows Live Mail.  


Machine configuration issues:


1.       Date and Time Settings on the computer are incorrect

2.       SL Security DLL libraries may not be properly registered

3.       Firewall or security software may be blocking Windows Live Mail or may be blocking a required port to send or receive mail

4.       Access is being blocked by your router or Wireless AP

5.       Incorrect entry in the hosts file


For steps to resolve machine configuration issues, please go to: How can I resolve machine configuration issues in Windows Live Mail.


Software configuration issues:


1.       An email is stuck in the Outbox folder of Windows Live Mail

2.       You may not be using the latest version of Windows Live Mail

3.       Your computer needs Microsoft’s latest updates

4.       Your mail account may not be properly configured in Windows Live Mail

5.       Internet Explorer settings may be causing connectivity problems

          a. SSL settings are incorrect

          b. Incorrect Proxy settings

          c. Internet Explorer may be set to work offline


For steps to resolve software configuration issues, please go to: How can I resolve software configuration issues in Windows Live Mail.


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