How to remove imprinted Date on photos using Windows Photo Gallery

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Some photos have 'Date' or 'Date and Time' imprinted on Photos generally on bottom right corner of photos. Some may not like this in their photos, so here's a small tip for removal of those imprinted 'Date' using Windows Photo Gallery. 


Digital Cameras have a feature of imprinting ‘Date’ or ‘Date and Time’ on photos. When this feature is enabled in the camera, this information of ‘Date’ will be displayed on Photos when they are printed. One must have observed it which generally gets printed on the bottom right corner of the image.

Though some may find ‘Date’ imprinted on a photo useful but many do not like it. Actually digital cameras create EXIF data which records the date and other details. And many photo-editing, viewing, management programs can read this EXIF data and get various photo details including the Date. So one can disable the feature of imprinting date from the Camera settings.

But if you already have a photo with Date imprinted on it as you might have forgotten to change the camera setting, one can easily remove the imprinted date from the photo. This small tip will help you to remove the imprinted Date from the photo using Photo Gallery.

Open Windows Photo Gallery and then open the Photo with the imprinted date in Photo Gallery. Click on the ‘Edit’ tab. We will be using the ‘Retouch’ feature of Photo gallery which removes minor imperfection, marks , blemishes. As you can see in the image below it has the imprinted Date at bottom right corner.

Click on ‘Retouch’, now drag the mouse cursor around the Date to draw a rectangle as shown below in the picture. One has to repeat this part by part to cover the full Date and also you get the near perfect removal without any distorted background. If there is plain background for the Date, it’ll be
removed easily. When the background has some design, you might have to try it few times to adjust for perfect removal as Photo Gallery tries to match the surrounding color and blends accordingly. So after each time you draw a rectangle, see how perfect the background is removed. If its not perfect, press Ctrl+z for Undo. And try again.

So after few tries , you'll get to know how to adjust for perfect removal. Finally you have the picture with the imprinted Date removed like Magic.

The same Retouch feature can also be used in for removal for minor imperfections, marks. Like in cases of some old photographs which might
have some crease marks, or torn marks. Also you might have seen few pictures with unwanted cable wire in a good photo. So in such cases try this Retouch feature and remove such imperfections.

Make a copy of your original photo before trying this though Photo Gallery makes a copy of original photo in the Original Photos folder when you edit any photo. Also please note that the ‘Retouch’ feature of Photo Gallery may be shown as disabled for PNG format pictures.

My windows 7 live photo gallery does not have an bar across the top with all the edit features you described to erase the date on a picture. It has a fix, but not an edit.   Is it hidden or is it only on newer versions of windows?

Windows Photo Gallary can remove date stamp only from 1 photo. But I guess that you have a lot photos.

This is a guide how to remove date in a batch mode

This tool allows to select date stamp by color and then process all your photos at one go.


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