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Fix: Windows 7 Update stuck on "Checking for updates"

Technical Level : Basic


This article will show you how to fix the "Checking for Updates" loop that occurs on Windows 7 systems. 

In most cases, the checking loop is caused by an incompatibility between your computer and Microsoft's update servers. To fix the problem, you need to update your computer so that it can communicate with the servers again.


Instead of updating your computer manually, I have written a friendly wizard that can update your computer automatically. You can download the wizard from the links below.

When the download finishes, extract the contents of the zip folder, and then run the wizard file. You must extract the zip folder when it finishes downloading, otherwise the wizard will not work and you will receive an error. 

I also recommend that you disconnect your computer from the Internet while the wizard runs. This prevents Windows Update from communicating to the Internet during the repair process.

For questions or feedback on this fix, post in the comments section below.

Happy patching!

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