Not able to install updates in Windows xp, error "0x80190194"

Original title: I can't update my Windows XP system at all anymore


I will list all the specifics to try and isolate the problem:

I am running a Compaq Presario SR1910NX (Originally 512Mb RAM / 939 Sempron processor model).  I've upgraded the CPU to a 939 Athlon64 X2 4200+ and upgraded the RAM to 2Gbytes.

The Windows version is:  Windows XP SP2 (fresh install off the Restore CD's (all *15* of them... gah!  I did that, thinking MAYBE something was wonky with the restore partition, but the same issue is occuring, so it's not that)

I'm using a DIAMOND XtremeSound 5.1/16 bit Sound Card (

I'm using a
DIAMOND ATI AMD Radeon™ HD 5450 PCI Express GDDR3 1GB Video Graphics Card

The version of Internet Explorer is 6 (specifically: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

When I run Windows Update, the page comes up stating it's looking for the latest version, using ActiveX (etc.)... that text disappears and then it says:

[Error number: 0x80190194]
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.

For self-help options:

For assisted support options:

- - - - - - - - -

I have tried all sorts of fixes and KnowledgeBase programs... Microsoft FixIt's, etc.  I've downloaded/installed the latest version of IE (I think it's 8), and SP3... all to no avail, or it totally corrupts my system and I need to reformat/reinstall.

My system, at this moment, is not upgraded at all.  I only have AVG Antivirus and ioBits SystemCare 6 / Malware Fighter 2 / Smart Defrag 2 installed on it.  I'm not trying anything else, til somoene gives me a really solid answer I can trust.

As an A+ Certified computer tech, I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in how to troubleshoot various Windows issues and hardware problems on any computer.  But this is stumping me (or ruining my system) everywhere I turn!

I know that companies, like Microsoft and Apple, have a "forced obsolescence" policy, where after a certain number of years, you are FORCED, kicking and screaming, to go to the next newest version (or two) of their OS, to make your system even usable!  I sense Microsoft has literally done another "Windows 98SE" on us... try updating Windows 98SE nowadays... you can't... the files and/or servers simply don't exist!  Even Apple still has all the update files available for MacOS X 10.2 (Jaguar), last time I checked!  The OS may be utterly useless, today, but it's not because you can't get the files for it anymore.  Everything/everyone has simply moved on... and the OS simply is no longer "current".  The OS is simply "starved to death" (Apple), rather than "terminated" (Microsoft).  Which is the better way to go?  Both avenues cause major frustration, for those that don't have a NEED to go further.

Fortunately, my system, for what I use it for (cassette audio recording and burning MP3 CD's of church sermons), is functional, out of the box, even without an Internet connection.  Microsoft can't take THAT away from me!  HA!  So, the updates I am seeking are not absolutely NECESSARY, for what I use the computer for, but they ARE desirable, to make the computer more usable, beyond that.

So, if anyone has any ideas/answers/suggestions, etc concerning this issue I'm having, please let me know.  I'd be greatly appreciative.


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Whew!  Finally, it's working again!  I had to get the special, updated Windows Update Agent, to solve the 0x8024D001 error.  Then it would let me see the page and download updates... or so I thought... seems that Windows XP SP3 only does Automatic Updates now (the little yellow shield thingy) and, so far, it's downloading and installing them fine.  Yay!

I think it goes without saying, that when all the updates are finally downloaded/installed, that doing a full disk image of the OS, so a set of install DVD's can be made from it, would likely be prudent.  Unless Microsoft actually plans to release a full set of install DVD's for XP SP3, that contains every single update and file for it, that we can use forever...

Because, afterall, sooner or later, the lights WILL go out in the XP building and getting updates will be IMPOSSIBLE from that point forward, no matter WHAT you do, because the files/servers will simply NOT BE THERE ANYMORE!

Since I'm stuck with 15 CD's (Ack!) of my Compaq Presario XP SP2 Restore... it would be nice to get a set of DVD's that contains my entire current OS setup (everything the Restore contains, plus the current updates), that I can just "install" back to the drive, if need be.  A restore partition is kinda pointless, when it requires a bazillion files and updates to become "current" and then, some of those update files actually are just downloaders... and if the files they try to download AREN'T available anymore... THEN what?  See?

So, I'm thinking imaging my drive right now, after all the updates are in, would be wise.  But not sure exactly how I would do that... Norton Ghost or something?

Any idea when (what date) Microsoft will submit the very LAST update file for Windows XP SP3?  As soon as the file is available/downloaded/installed, I think a full drive image would be prudent.

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