Help is needed to be sure I have the latest Windows XP 9 installed on my computer.

Dear Microsoft,


Do bear in mind I am 68 years old, have Rheumatoid Arthritis and that I did not have computers from grades 1 through my B.A. in History.  What little I know about computers I have had to learn by rote, because computer language IS a foreign language to me.  Many instructions I get for doing downloads and upgrades are gibberish to me.


I have been a wargamer since 1950 when I was five.  That's a full decade before metal-cast, historically accurate, military miniatures were available in the U.S.A.; coming mostly from the U.K., but now from everywhere!


Along comes computer technology and quickly RTS military strategy and tactical games are available as CDs and downloads.  I've been gaming "Age of Sail II" and "Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty" by Global Star Software and Talonsoft, the American marketers, and Akella, the Russian company that created the games around 2000-2003.  I have always had video stability issues trying to use these games with my Windows XP system (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.  I'm also using an Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU, E 7300 @ 2.66 GHz and with 2.67 GHz, 1.99 GB of Ram).


Do I enjoy naval games about the Age of Sail?  I know more about the nomenclature and my way around a sailing vessel than I do about automobiles! 


I have been the winchman of a yacht racing crew, because I had the fastest hands.  Now I have R.A., and have to write slow to be legable and have to be extra careful cooking, shaving and driving.


I want to fix the video stability issues I have with these two programs in particular, since I enjoy them the most.  


As much as I have enjoyed all the Age of Empires games by Microsoft, none of the naval vessels in these programs move like real sailing ships under real sailing conditions with realistic sailing crews like these Russian made ones.  There really isn't any excuse for this.  Microsoft should at least be able to duplicate any Russian achievement in anything, if not surpass it.  This oversight might just be a way of Microsoft condescending to the intelligence of their American customers.   I challenge Microsoft to surpass these Russian made beauties, ie, allow me more latitude in the creation of a hypothetical sailing combat squadron and include the performance characteristics of Polynesian catamarans and the ability of schooners and fore and aft rigged vessels to sail closer to the eye of the wind that square riggers could and allow for square rigged ships to "lock in irons" much of the time, if they're dumb enough to try to tack instead of wear around!


I am an old salt of the U.S. Navy, having served aboard the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), that gave its name to the entire class of DDG Missile Destroyers.   The Adams is also about to leave the mothball fleet in Philadelphia and be made into a floating museum in Jacksonville, Florida.  The Hollywood movie, "The Bedford Incident" was shot using one of these DDGs as the Bedford.   I had the honor to be part of a "crack" crew aboard the Adams and we raised the bar on anti-aircraft fire and shore bombardment standards.  I was almost in a Bedford-style incident with a Russian nuclear sub in the Mediterranean in 1967.  The Russians backed off or there would no longer be an Algiers, Palma, Majorca, or Marseilles, France and the rest of us would all be living in the conditions of the 19th Century, if not the Stone Age after WWIII was finished!


I've tried to download Windows XP 9, but I don't even know how to see if it worked, but, for openers, I need the XP's best upgrade.  Then, with your help, we can address these video stability issuses I'm having gaming the Age of Sail.


Thanks for your attention and help,


Michael England

Grapevine, Texas



That's a very interesting post, but unfortunately, not one that will result in much, if any, help here. 

For starters, it's not in the right place.  This "Windows Update" forum is for problems with the system Microsoft uses to supply its updates and patches for Windows and Office.

It's possible, but in my opinion unlikely, that you might find some help in the Windows XP Gaming forum -->

Age of Sail II is very old as computer games go -- it dates to 2001 -- and even when it first came out, there were complaints about its instability.  For example, here's a bit of a review from February, 2001:

But the game has worse faults -- not by a long shot. First and foremost, this is an unstable game. Not so much that it seriously affects your enjoyment, but bad enough as it is. Lots of gamers (including yours truly) have been having problems getting the game to run properly on Voodoo 3 cards. I realize the Voodoo 3 isn't necessarily industry standard or anything, but why should we suffer alone? There have also been some C++ runtime errors here and there but I'm not sure yet if this is connected to the 3D support problems or the fact that the short cut the game installed on my desktop doesn't work right. As an added plus, launching the game from the CD autorun causes some problems too. TalonSoft have already released a patch that smooths things out a lot, but there's still some instability here and there. Still, if you run from the Start Menu, things run a lot better.

Although you didn't specify what video card you have, I suspect that your XP Media Center computer is far more capable than whatever was around in 2001.  Nevertheless, you might go to the website of your video card's manufacturer and download the latest driver, assuming that you don't already have it installed.

It's not clear if TalonSoft is still in business (the web site doesn't load) and I'm quite sure that Akella is no longer around. [EDIT- Akella site; but I doubt any support is available] According to this, Matrix Games bought the rights to TalonSoft's games in 2005, so you might see if Matrix support has any help.  There are a few very old patches here -->

Google finds some gamer forums for Age of Sail II, but a quick look suggests that they are pretty inactive.

As far as "Windows XP 9" is concerned, I suspect that you are referring to Internet Explorer 9.  For one thing, IE 9 doesn't work on Windows XP.  For another, the version of Internet Explorer you have probably has nothing to do with the operation of Age of Sail.  If you have Service Pack 3 for XP, as well as subsequent updates from Windows Update, you already have " XP's best upgrade."

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

I like your observation about tacking.  Contrary to the fear of too many recreational sailors today, wearing ship (or gybing as we new-fangled sailors call it) allows you to maintain control at all times rather than trusting to momentum to carry you through the eye of the wind.

Fair winds.

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