Q: When trying to burn ISO image using ImageBurn, get W 10:55:05 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (33%, 0/5) - Power Calibration Area Error This thread is locked from future replies

i'am trying to burn a iso image to disc using imageburn!!-but it keepz comin up with the above error when format'n the disc!! i have try'd different discz-i.e- verbatim-dvd+r-4.7gb/philipz-dvd-r-4.7gb/intenso-dvd+rw-4.70gb + tesco-dvd+r-4.7gb!!  but they all come up with the same error!! done a check with microsoft fix-it download! that stated that the dvd burner iz incapable of  writing to disc!! which iz rubbish! because i burned a iso a few hourz prior+it worked fine!!!    i would appreciate the help if anyone can assist !!!!!!!!!!!                                                





· What is the exact error message you receive when you ran the Microsoft fix it?


You may try reducing the write speed and check if it helps. Follow the steps below for changing the settings:

a.     Start the imgburn software

b.     Click on Mode tab

c.     Select write

d.     Under ‘Write speed’

e.     Under settings, you will find dropdown option: Write speed

f.      Change it to auto or you may also select the speed.

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