Outlook Express 6, Outlook 2000, and Outlook 2003 print incomplete emails if IE8 is installed.

The right side of the first page of a printed email from Outlook Express 6, Outlook 2000, or Outlook 2003 gets truncated on a computer running Windows XP SP3 that has Internet Explorer 8 installed.  Emails containing tables are specifically affected, but it may be other emails as well. This issue is easily reproducible on any XP machine running IE8 and any version of outlook before 2007. It seems that Microsoft stopped using the IE print engine starting from Outlook 2007. Any of these same machines that will have this issue, if you uninstall IE8 and revert to IE7, the problem goes away.

I have been looking all over the web trying to resolve this problem. It seems that there are a few workarounds, but no fix for this problem for XP users. A hotfix was published by microsoft for this EXACT issue for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. This hotfix will not install on an XP system. The link to the hotfix is here:


There is another thread about this issue in the windows 7 forum:


The issue in that thread was resolved with the hotfix I mentioned above, but when XP users joined in, it was recommended that someone start a new thread regarding this issue in XP. I have now done that and am awaiting a reply from Microsoft.

Possible temporary workarounds (for those of you having this issue):

1 - Revert back to IE7 (Not an acceptable solution in the corporate environment I am in).

2 - After opening the email, go to file and save it as an html file. Open the html file in ie8 or your favorite browser and print from there.

3 - Upgrade to Office 2007 or 2010 (If I wanted to spend money on a new product, I would do so. However, I refuse to do this simply because an older version I have bought stops working.


So this is a summary of what I did:

1. Started with an up-to-date XP SP3 installation with IE8 installed. At this point I have the right margin bug in OE6.
2. Uninstalled the most recent Cumulative Security Update for IE8, which as of this writing is KB2559049. Rebooted.
3. (You may need to perform this step in Safe-Mode) Renamed ieframe.dll in C:\Windows\System32 to ieframe.old. Manually copied ieframe.dll LDR version from the second most recent Cumulative Security Update for IE8, which as of this writing is KB2530548 to the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Said LDR version is located at C:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$\KB2530548-IE8\SP3QFE and is version 8.00.6001.23165(longhorn_ie8_ldr.110420-1800). Rebooted.
4. Verified that the right margin bug is now fixed. Windows Update informed me that the newest Cumulative Security Update for IE8, KB2559049, was now available to install, which I did. Rebooted.
5. Checked the version of ieframe.dll that is now in my C:\Windows\System32 folder and it is 8.00.6001.23192(longhorn_ie8_ldr.110617-1815) as was hoped. Confirmed that the right margin bug still is fixed.

This procedure proved 2 things that simply copying the LDR version from the most recent Cumulative Security Update into the System32 folder would not have proved.:

A) This demonstrates that manually copying the LDR dll from a Cumulative Security Update and then applying the next update will keep the ieframe.dll on the LDR track. We do not need to worry that the next update will overwrite with the GDR (non-hotfix) version.

B) There were a bunch of other dlls that were put on the LDR track when KB2559049 was reinstalled, so it seems that the LDR ieframe.dll may have dependencies on other dlls also being in the LDR branch, or vice-versa. Simply having the LDR ieframe.dll from the 2nd most recent update in the System32 folder at the time of installing the newest one, caused the newest update to move other DLLs to the LDR track. This includes iepeers.dll, ieproxy.dll, iertutil.dll, msfeeds.dll, wininet.dll, and xpshims.dll (and very possibly others). That makes me conclude that my method (Steps 1-4 above) is superior to just manually copying in the newest LDR dll for ieframe.dll, since the other dependant LDR DLLs will be installed using my method.

Ty to both Robert Aldwinckle and PA Bear for giving me help (even after I disappeared from the thread for over a year :P )

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