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I recently upgraded my computer (New motherboard, cpu, ram, etc. ).  I tried switching my hard drive over from the old machine to the new one and running a repair installation of Windows XP Pro.  Everything seems to work fine, but it tells me that I need to activate windows and only have 3 days to do so.  When I click on Activate windows (or run oobe/msoobe /a) from the Run window, the machine thinks for a second, but doesn't start the activation window.  This is a non-OEM version of XP.  Can anyone help?





Thanks for the help... I ended up on the phone with microsoft, who after making me jump through some hoops sent me to tech support.  We tried all sorts of various tricks (including the one you mentioned above), all to no avail.  During this process I discovered that while 99% of my programs made the transition seamlessly, Internet Explorer did not.

I booted into safe mode, deleted the ie7 and ie8 folders from C:\windows (internet explorer was not showing up in my add/remove programs list) and reinstalled ie8

Once IE was working fine the activation screen popped right up!!!

Thanks again, and I hope this information helps others out there who are struggling with the same problem!


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