Q: Problem reinstalling windows xp (iastor.sys)

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i recently decided to format my computer, because it is getting just too slow....i put in the my win xp home cd, trying to format and then reinstall xp, but i then got a message that the file iastor.sys can't be found and the installation was aborted. can anybody help me with this problem? from my searches i've noticed that this particular drive appears in alot of problems but didn't find someone with my problem...can anybody help? please?




Hello jiveman

Iastor.sys is the Intel RAID controller driver. It is normally installed using F6
from a floppy during the XP install. You should see “Press F6 to install drivers” at the bottom of the screen

Are you using RAID? If yes, then put the RAID drivers on a Floppy. If not
disable RAID in the BIOS.

Also unplug everything but your keyboard, mouse and monitor and try again


Or you could slipstream the drivers into your XP installation CD using the instructions below


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