Bug in Microsoft Security Essentials lames Windows XP

Since the end of support for Windows XP, strange things happen on some computers with the formentioned operating system using Microsoft Security Essentials.

First Microsoft informed the world that MSE would still be supported (read: updated) on XP until July 2015, but since April 10th the system tray icon of MSE has turned RED (and stays red!) to tell us after every boot up that the computer is not protected anymore because of the end of support for XP. Microsoft is not only misleading users with this message but frightening them as well. I call this unacceptable!

Secondly another - more crippling - problem has arisen. I am a professional computer engineer and maintain many desktops and laptops for my customers on a daily base: as of today (April 16th) I have seen about 12 computers on which Windows XP - after every boot up - throws up an error message referring to MSE, stating: "MsMpEng.exe application error. The instruction at "0x5a4d684d" referenced memory at "0x00000000" The memory could not be read", leaving the computer in an unusable state, because it won't go on anymore, whatever you try, and the only solution is to disable MSE or uninstall it completely (if a user who is not a computer engineer knows how to do that anyway!). This I call even more unaceptable!!

I'm not suggesting that Microsoft is doing this on purpose, but I can't imagine that this situation is coincidental.... And how is Redmond supposed to fix this problem when those computers are not responding anymore, apart from the fact that updates and hotfixes are no longer offered?

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I agree this is only going to **** off people and push them away from Microsoft products, what on earth are they thinking of. We were all told that Microsoft Security Essentials would be updated through July 15 2015 no problem. Now there are constant nag messages about your operating system not being supported, a red antivirus taskbar icon so you can't tell if you are being nagged or have a virus, and now this bug, which even caused me to pause and wonder if xp machines are actually in the process of being attacked. I have been replacing all xp machines with a non-Microsoft antivirus product. The users are much happier.

Have you see this article which may seem to be part of the same problem on poor boot-up. Or dead or hanging XP computer on start-up.

see http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-windows_update/sabotaging-windows-xp-how-low-can-you-go/fcb0bd75-48d2-46a2-b570-9312c97910e1

The package details for this update (  say it has been replaced by several other definition updates.  Any suggestions about that?
I cannot bring myself to believe that this was an error. If it was, surely we would have seen an apology from Microsoft. We had thousands of affected computers and hundreds of very unhappy customers that were left unable to trade or get through to our extremely congested helpdesk. This has left me with a very bad taste and distrust of Microsoft.

I have the same thing... Maybe my experience will be useful...

I have reinstalled XP (but it was service pack 2 included).

The system works. But when I tried to reintall service pack 3 the system hangs as before.

And surprise!!!!!! You can not uninstall MSE running system with service pack 2 only (you will get an error).

You can not uninstall MSE running system in safe mode.

It's a nightmare!!!!

How people dare to write such programs!!!!!

this works to update the MSE definitions:

Use F8 (usually) at boot up to get the boot menu. Select "Safe Mode with Networking". Log in then try to open MSE and do an update in the update tab. Do a normal reboot.

Another thing that worked is to boot into "Safe Mode with Networking" then go to:
follow the instructions then do a normal reboot.

I'm seeing it as well but without that memory error thrown. Fix is uninstall mse.
Here's what I did. Boot the computer in safe mode. Open MS Essentials from the program menu. Once MSE is open, go to "settings" panel. For each line item in the left side pane, uncheck all options in the right side. This effectively disables MSE. Save changed settings on exit of MSE. Restart the computer normally. Now you can update MSE, run patch for MSE, leave it disabled or uninstall it.

Here is an  update to my broken XP computer.

After trying to re-boot several times only to get to a blue screen 'loading personal settings' and seeming to stall after an hour or so .......... I left it for about 3 hours ........went watched TV ......I came back and it had completed its boot-up. Phew!!!!   

I can only conclude that the last update was  a Mother and Father of an update, so much so that it got constipation processing it but process it, it  did. there were no warnings of updated files being written.  I rebooted after un-installing MSE and was greeted with 'Serious Error'............. Antimalware could not run from Microsoft Security Client  ......so deleted these entries in CCleaner registry. and now boots up ok. There was a massive amount of debris in the temp files to  - also got rid of by using CCleaner and AFT-Cleaner.exe.

This is my conclusion - that I was too impatient. I have a very fast XP machine with 8 GB ram and usually it is up and running with antivirus running  in 3 to 4 minutes. If I have updates it takes about another 5 minutes,  so any longer than that and I know there is something amiss.  So my opinion is to axe MSE antivirus and have input Avast free version which was running in conjunction with MSE and bought Malwarebytes. With only Avast and Malwarebytes  the system is back to normal .

I hope this helps any others.

I beleve this is a delibrate ploy to bring anyone who used MSE and XP to its knees so people will have to switch to Win 7. 

Or we reluctantly make the switch to Apple...

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