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When starting the computer normally, it will just sit at the Windows loading screen forever. It lets me start it up in Safe Mode, and I've done a system restore, but this did not solve the problem. I'm not sure what other steps I can take to get my computer to start up. Any suggestions?



"Safe Mode" is simply Windows running with the bare minimum of programs and support.  When you start normally, other programs and services are started that are not started in Safe Mode.  Apparently, one of these extra programs is preventing your machine from starting normally.  The process to discover which program is causing your problem is a hit-and-miss approach and uses the Microsoft  "msconfig" utility to selectively enable/disable these extra processes.  Once you discover which process is the problem, the solution is usually apparent.  Refer to the following KB article:

"How to troubleshoot configuration errors by using the System Configuration utility in Windows XP"
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