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Anyone else?

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For help installing an update successfully, see the solution under each problem description.

Problem: End User License Agreement (EULA) Not Accepted
Solution: Check for updates again and wait while you install updates. You will be asked to accept the EULA before any updates with a EULA can be installed.
Problem: Not Enough Disk Space
Solution: To make more space available, run the Disk Cleanup tool or uninstall any programs that you don’t use. For directions, see Help and Support on your computer.
Problem: Automatic Updates is currently installing updates
Solution: Please wait until Automatic Updates is complete and then check your update history. At that time, if the update has failed to install, you can try installing it from the website.
Note: To view Automatic Updates progress, click the updating icon in your System Tray.
Problem: Please check your update history for a description.
Problem: A problem on your computer is preventing updates from being downloaded or installed
Solution: To fix the problem, try installing the updates again. If that doesn't work, use the Troubleshooter to try solve the problem.
Microsoft Windows XP
Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)



'Blocked PID' is a rare error - and I can find no reference for your PID in Google.


This possibly means that your Key is a counterfeit one.



I would suggest attempting to use the Product Key Update Tool to re-enter the Product Key from your COA sticker.

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