Started getting Registry Error message and Windows XP won't load: Trying to reinstall XP but Reg Error stops process

I have a home built computer working great with Windows XP for about two years, but recently started getting a Registry Error blue screen which stops Windows XP from loading. 

In part, the following is displayed:
Registry Error
Technical Information: 
STOP:  0x00000051, (0x00000001, 0xE112E8c8, 0x005D4000)

I can get to BIOS screen and things are set as usual as far as I can tell.  I can get to the Advanced Screen by pressing F8 but no matter what I click on, such as start in "Safe Mode" or "last known good configuration" it always ends up at the blue screen with Registry Error.

I have the Windows XP disc and can get it to go through all the preloading stuff, but when you get to the screen to choose Repair or start new installation, no matter what I choose it always goes back to the Blue Screen and Registry Error.  Is there a way to fix the Registry Error so I can get Windows XP to load - from the disc or otherwise?  If the Registry Error can't be fixed, will wiping my hard drive clean help?  If so, how do I do that?
Grasping at straws, on the off-chance that your video driver is at fault here, on the Hirens Boot Disk, you can go to
   Programs -> Editors/Viewers -> Notepad++
to start up a Text editor.  Once open, go to File -> Open and open the file "Boot.ini" that is located in the root directory of your boot drive.  Find the line under " [Operating Systems] and add the switches "/basevideo  /sos" (without quotes) to the end of the line.  Save the file (File -> Save) and try rebooting your machine.  Those switches should force your machine to boot to standard 640x480 VGA video independent of any driver that you have loaded.  If your machine comes up, you should reinstall the video driver for whatever video card that you have (visit your computer manufacturer's website).  If you do this, then you may need to re-edit the file back to the way it was before it will boot normally.

More information on the Boot.ini file is here:
"Available switch options for the Windows XP and the Windows Server 2003 Boot.ini files"
  < >

Hopefully, if nothing else, the /SOS switch will display which driver was last to load before the crash.

My only other suggestion is to use Hirens to back up your data before reinstalling Windows.


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