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I would prefer to fix one problem. When I open Control Panel, RegEdit icon is there, but when I want to open it, nothing happens. It's like regedit.exe doesn't exist. I've tried to search it, but nothing seems to appear. This bothers me, because my computer seems to lag a lot, due to registry containing lots of keys and such from programs that have been removed long time ago. And I cannot access registry to fix the problem.



Use the Windows Search (Start, Search) to see if you can find a copy of regedit.exe on your system.

Depending on your installation, likely folders to find a copy are:



If you find one, copy it and then paste it into this folder where it belongs:


(the regedit.exe file does not belong in the system32 folder...)

It would actually take some extra effort for regedit.exe to come up missing since it is one of the 3498 files covered by Windows File Protection, but you said the "AVG" word and I have seen AVG quarantine (effectively delete) critical XP system files.

If you cannot find one, I will upload one to my SkyDrive and you can download it and put it into the c:\windows\system32 folder.

Oops - I am running Service Pack 3 but I can check and see if the SP2 version is different (Iforget!) and get your a SP2 regedit.exe if you can't find one on your system.

You are probably going to have to download and reinstall your Realtek software from the Realtek WWW site (it is not a Microsoft product).

Here is the Realtek WWW site:

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